Amazon to Open New AWS Region in France

Last year, Amazon Web Service announced the opening of a new EU location to cater for its growing customer base. This additional AWS Region is set to be located in Paris and it will be the forth center in Europe, following the ones that are already in operation in Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom. The new region is set to open this year and while the date hasn’t been confirmed, the new Region is expected to expand the flexibility to manage data. This new region will give AWS customers and partners the chance to run workloads and store data in France. The combination of Regions in the EU, will give customers a total of 10 Availability Zones.

In 2015, the European Court of Justice put an end to the Safe Harbor data privacy agreement. Privacy Shield is a new agreement that has prompted US businesses to establish centers in the EU. Amazon’s global network covers more than 30 Availability Zones across 13 regions (four in North America, one in Europe, one in South America and six in Asia Pacific) and new AWS Regions and Availability Zones are expected to be rolled out in the following months. The new regions that are yet to be launched include China and Canada.

The presence in the European Union will allow users to store data in the European Union, giving companies the possibility to avoid latency issues when accessing websites, games, mobile apps and other options, develop fault tolerant applications and run workloads in the relevant country. The expansion to France and bringing regions to more places will allow companies to comply with local regulations in the country where their data is stored. A site that is located closer reduces the amount of time that the data requires to travel and helps to load applications faster. The latest expansion is only another addition to the list of options that AWS has been implementing since it was launched in 2006.

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