How to Sign a Contract Online in the Cloud – Best e-Signature services

Technology offers many benefits for businesses and it has allowed companies to improve productivity, manage data effectively, close deals from anywhere in the world and much more. Online communications and cloud storage are particularly handy when it comes to taking a business to the next level. Many tasks can be completed online and managed in the cloud, but there are still areas that present a few challenges, One of them is obtaining online signatures. Not long ago, the process of obtaining an online signature required multiple steps such as printing the document, signing it, scanning it and sending it back via email. Thankfully, it is possible to simplify the process with the help of cloud-based services. Here you will find a simple way to sign contacts and important documents using cloud signature tools.

How to prepare a contract and obtain an online signature

Obtaining an online signature is a practical solution that is being adopted by many companies since it saves a lot of time. Instead of having to post a paper contract or deliver it in person, you can speed up things by collecting an online signature. There are some cloud services that help you to create a contract, request an online feature and then save the document to the cloud. The process is simple and will allow companies to make things convenient and fast from the start, which is great when you are working on a project. Here are some cloud solutions that are worth considering.


RightSignature aims to be the easiest, fastest solution to get important documents signed. It is an ideal solution for corporate customers who need advanced functionality. There are two ways to get documents signed. One is to attach a document and request a signature and the other is to add multiple form fields to a document that you have previously uploaded and edit it in the cloud. RightSignature offers a great set of features and powerful performance. It is available for Personal use from $12 per month per user, or for Business use from $60 for three team members.


AdobeSign offers a high level of security and it ensures that you can get documents signed sooner. It is a powerful solution for e-signatures and it can be implemented easily in business environments. Adobe Sign offers a versatile set of features that will allow you to manage the process of obtaining electronic signatures in an easy way. The individual plan starts from $14.99 per month. The Team plan is ideal for small teams (2 to 9 users) and it costs $24.99 per month, per user. There is also a Business plan starting at $29.99 per user, per month and an Enterprise plan, that offers different pricing depending on your needs.


Inkdit is an easy solution to manage electronic contracts. You can prepare the document, send it and once it is signed, you will be notified and will be able to save the contract to the cloud. Inkdit eliminates the need of email attachments because the document is created directly in the cloud. There is a good selection of add-ons that help you to get more out of Inkdit. It is free for up to 4 users and if you need more, you can upgrade to the Business plan, which offers support for 5 users for $20 per month, or sign up for an Enterprise plan, which supports over 100 users.

How to sign a contract that was sent to you

If you need to sign a contract, instead of obtaining a signature from someone else, there are some practical options that will save you the hassle of printing the document. The below solutions will allow you to sign a contract or other document sent to you (whether it is a Word document or PDF) and to keep a copy in the cloud.


If you are looking for a convenient solution to sign documents, even when you are on the go, SignNow could be the best option. You can sign documents for free using the Android and mobile apps and you get unlimited cloud storage to save copies of your signed documents. If you also need to send documents for others to sign, you can upgrade to one of SignNow’s affordable solutions. The Business plan starts from $7 per month per user and when you pay in advance for a full year, the monthly cost is reduced to just $5. Apart from offering very convenient prices, SignNow provides high security, unlimited templates and documents and more.

DocuSign Ink

DocuSign Ink gives you a secure and simple way to sign documents and it has practical mobile apps for iOS and Android, meaning that you can sign contracts on the go. This practical eSignature management solution lets you fill out and sign documents. You can also send documents to others, requesting them to sign and store the document to the cloud easily. Signing documents is free, but if you need to send a document for someone to sign, you need to upgrade to a premium plan. They start at €14 per month (Personal) and go up to €57 per user per month, if you opt for the Business plan. DocuSign is an expensive option but it offers an extensive selection of features.


The above options will allow you to speed up the process of getting documents signed and will also let you sign documents without having to print and scan them. This will save you a lot of time and can have a very positive impact on your business. You can manage administrative tasks easier and focus on other aspects of your projects.

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