Can you use MEGA for backup?

MEGA is one of the most popular cloud storage services available and it aims to offer a high level of security to protect customer’s data. However, many people wonder if the service can be a suitable backup solution. Here we will look at the aspects that you need to consider before choosing MEGA for backing up your data.

The first thing to keep in mind is that cloud storage and online backup are not the same. In general, online backup replicates the files that you have stored on your computer, while a cloud storage service doesn’t rely on local versions of the data. However, if you make any changes to the file, they won’t be reflected in the cloud. When you use an online backup service, the updates performed on your data are identified and the changes are also uploaded. This is because online backup services aim to mirror the data and make sure that it matches what is stored on your system. With cloud storage services, you can select specific files to be uploaded. Online backup on the other hand is an ideal choice when you need to keep folders or entire hard drives.

Can you use MEGA for backing up your data?

MEGA is focused on cloud storage and it allows you to select specific files from your computer to save them to the cloud. However, your files won’t be synchronized when you make any changes. In addition, it is not possible to schedule file uploads, which is an option supported by online backup services. It is possible to backup data every week, every day, and even on an hourly basis. If you need to make sure that a change made on a file is saved to the cloud, you would need to upload the updated file manually. If you want to protect files that you work on regularly, an online backup solution is the most practical choice.

In spite of the fact that it may not be the right solution for backing up your files, there are good reasons to consider MEGA as your cloud storage solution. When it comes to security, MEGA is set to be a reliable option since it focuses on protecting your data and keeping it private. They use end-to-end encryption to protect your data and it is only decrypted once it gets to its destination. MEGA doesn’t have the master encryption key (only users do) and can’t access to your decrypted data. In order to ensure that you can access your data whenever needed, make sure that you keep your password safe. If you forget it, you will lose access to your data anymore because there is no password recovery process available.

Performance is another reason to opt for MEGA since the service has improved over the years and it delivers fast download and upload speeds. However, it should be noted that there is a bandwidth limit of 10 GB in the free plan. The good news is that when you reach the limit, it is reset within 30 minutes. MEGA is a reliable option to save data to the cloud and you can easily restore it. You can even recover previous versions of your files, but incremental file versioning is not supported. If a synced file is modified, it is completely replaced, but you can restore previous versions of files.

The fact that MEGA offers 50 GB of free storage will get the attention from many people. The generous free plan allows you to test the service and to get familiar with its functionality before deciding if it is the right option for you. They also have a variety of plans that will suit different needs. You can get plans from about €5 per month and overall, the service is very easy to use. If you are looking for a solution that allows you to files securely in the cloud, MEGA could be the answer. You can upload and download data with great speed and the free storage space offer is quite appealing. Due to its ease of use, the service is ideal for beginners and users who want a hassle-free experience. It is secure and it gives you additional space to keep your files in the cloud and get access to them whenever needed. However, it is not meant to be a backup solution. The best way to prevent loss of data is to keep backups of your files on multiple services or devices.


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