Carbonite Appliance HT10 overview

In 2014 and after years in the making, Carbonite introduced its hybrid backup solution for small business: Carbonite Appliace HT10. This appliance offers optimal data protection and affordability. It offers the speed of local backup, as well as the protection that you can expect from the cloud. With Carbonite Appliance HT10 you can get ensure that your business’ data is protected against loss. It also minimizes downtime and thanks to its restore capabilities, you won’t experience significant disruption and will be able to resume your business’ operations in no time.

What is the Carbonite Appliance HT10?

The Carbonite HT10 is a stand-alone device that is connected to the servers of a small business. What makes it stand out from other solutions available is the fact that it can store crucial data on-site and at the same time, it backs up that data to the business’ cloud account. It is a versatile and simple solution that offers great value for money. In case a server is damaged, the Carbonite Appliance, which is also known as Bare Metal, quickly restores all the main applications and files needed. In addition, it can also recover the operating system and data to get the business up and running as soon as possible.

Since Bare Metal is mirrored in the cloud, the data is not lost, even if the appliance suffers any damage. It is possible to carry out a full recovery just by accessing the company’s cloud account. In terms of security, which is a key aspect for any company, the Carbonite Appliance offers strong protection through its AES-256 encryption. The device also uses SSL encryption during data transmission to the cloud to prevent any unauthorized access to the information. Carbonite aims to provide enterprise-level protection for an affordable price, making this solution accessible to small businesses. There are no hardware fees or additional costs involved when you use Bare Metal. This makes it an ideal option for small businesses that need to stick to a budget.

The Carbonite HT10 appliance is available through channel partners and there are options to purchase the unit, or to lease it. The price of the appliance is about $3,500 and you can get it on lease for around $100 per month. The recovery appliance comes with 3 years of cloud storage subscription. Through some partnerships established when the appliance was launched, Carbonite secured distribution deals that allow it to reach small, as well as medium businesses around the world. With Carbonite Pro plan, you get backup storage for as many devices as needed. If you are looking for solution for local and cloud backup for a small or medium business, the Server plan is ideal.

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