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This review was last updated on July 30th, 2016.

FlipDrive-1FlipDrive is similar to most storage providers, with basic collaboration folders, contact, and calendar to-do management tools are offered to help busy people and businesses better align all of their online file sharing and data storage. Many of these options remain basic and are available with most competitors, but what I think helps them differentiate their service from dozens of other available options best, is the ability to share or store any sized file. With that said, I find it unfortunate that unlimited storage plans are not available to match. However, for those not looking for very large amounts of data storage, the service can used still be utilized as a basic cloud backup and storage solution for every day individuals with the usual options for photo albums and simple file sharing.

Price Plans

The pricing department breaks down into 4 plans.

Basic= Free plan with 10GB of storage for you to essentially experiment with.

Personal= 25GB at $5  monthly

Professional=100GB at $10 monthly & extra features regarding unlimited file size limits, sharing, and folders.

Business= 250GB at $20 monthly w/same benefits as the professional plan

These plans can seem quite small when compared to other providers that offer terabyte sized drives and even up to unlimited storage services, but realistically, most users do not need that much data storage, and if you do decide to go with FlipDrive, you can always signup for more than one account and simply link them as fully collaborative.



FlipDrive-2The main aspect of the service is basic cloud storage backup. File sharing, contacts, group management, bookmarking, and online calendar tools make up the majority of options. They also provide sharing and collaborating platforms for employee tasks. The interface does not look bad, but the basic simplicity of the service.

Music lovers can also stream directly from the cloud, or on desktop Windows, Mac OS and iPhones. Unfortunately, the service does not offer apps for Android or any other mobile platform at this time. Photo albums can easily be created by dragging and dropping or uploading folders of your choice. You can share with friends and family members, or keep them private.

With the collaboration features, you can create groups and manage access across unlimited amounts of users. All of your data is stored in one convenient location, as well as this there internet compatibility and easy to use interface gives you instant access to your data regardless of the location you are at. FlipDrive allows you to easily share any file of any size privately and safely.


FlipDrive-3FlipDrive offers a very basic level of protection with 128-bit SSL encryption during transmission and users must remember to use https:// on their browsers to benefit from encryption on the web platform. Their site doesn’t mention much more regarding encryption, or server end protection with their datacenters other than promising that your data is safe from corruption or data loss with redundancy. Considering the low level of encryption, security might not be a strong suite of theirs, but some protection is always much better than none.


FlipDrive-4The web portal, whilst a little packed works fine and efficiently. When I tested their service, I was pleased with the speed of the transfer. The interface remains simple enough that it is quick to learn and navigate after just a few minutes of use. They aren’t the fastest service, but objectively they performed faster than most other providers that I have tested. To test these services, I use a 135MB video file. Also note that my Internet connection has 5Mbps download speed and a 1Mbps upload rate. The transfer completed within 24 minutes, which is pretty good considering the speed of my Internet connection.

Data Backup Capabilities

FlipDrive-5FlipDrive covers all the basic file formats, but as mentioned their online tools allow for stuff like bookmark backups on the fly, this comes all the way to a very in-depth calendar tasks. However the service has limitations as they lack the ability to automate or schedule backups, this is a major feature in a lot of their competitors in the cloud based industry. If you don’t have extensive backup needs or any kind of server operations, this can fit nicely for you, as the simple approach may be easier for you to use.

Data Restore Capabilities

Any file that you have backed up can easily be restored through the service they provide. This isn’t prominently advertised by them, but can easily be done whether you’re using their app or web portal. Streaming makes it even easier to view content without fully restoring or downloading it to your drive.


The overall support is a little lacking, as they only include a basic FAQ section, along with an online form for email contact. No real help solutions or tutorials are provided on the website, but the interface is easy enough to follow straight from the moment you login. I never had to test the help desk, so I cannot really say how good the service might actually be.


FlipDrive is a simple service that in my opinion, lacks in a few important areas. Whilst it has great additional tools such as the calendar and contact management, the competition is fierce enough that it may come down to consumer trust and price. I would like to see better security and more transparency on how their operations are handled. Better automated backup options could also help add tremendous value to their paid plans. One of the benefits of their service is the fact they offer a free trial; so you can always try it first, but keep in mind that speeds are capped.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Simple, clean, and easy to use interface
  • Decent transfer speeds
  • Unlimited file size on larger plans


  • The free trial has bandwidth caps
  • Small size limits on initial plans


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