How to backup Firefox bookmarks

Photos, videos and documents usually are given priority when we think about backing up the data on our computers. However, there are some details that we take for granted and only realize their importance when they are gone. This is the case with Firefox bookmarks. While they may not be as crucial as other pieces of information, if you lose them, you will have to spend time getting them back, which can be very frustrating. Thankfully, backing up and restoring bookmarks is very easy and you just need to consider a few aspects. The first thing is to think about the purpose of backing up the bookmarks. There are two ways of exporting and importing bookmarks: one is called Export and the other one is known as Backup.

The method you select depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to replace all bookmarks on the target computer using the bookmarks you are exporting, the best option is to go perform a backup. On the other hand, if you prefer to combine the existing bookmarks with those that are already on the target computer, you need to select the “Export Bookmarks to HTML” option. Once you choose the right method for your needs, you can start the process. We will go through the steps required to backup your Firefox bookmarks and ensure that they are available when you need them.

How to backup your bookmarks

  1. Open Firefox and select the Bookmarks menu located at the top of the screen. Then select “Show All Bookmarks”. You will see Firefox’s general bookmarks menu.
  2. Click on “Import and Backup” at the top of the screen.
  3. The next step will depend on your purpose and the way in which you want to import your bookmarks. As previously mentioned, the options available are “Backup” and “Export Bookmarks to HTML” and you will need to select one of them, according to how you want the bookmarks to be imported to your computer.

In order to merge the bookmarks with those on the computer you are transferring the data to, you will have to select the “Export” option. However, if you prefer to replace any existing bookmarks, the option that you need to go for is “Backup”. Once you select the method that suits your needs, you are asked to choose a location to store the file. It is advisable to select a location where you can easily find the Export file or the Backup file.

  • The last step is to click “Save” to complete the backup process.

Selecting storage

Now you need to choose where will the backup file be stored. To make sure that you can retrieve your bookmarks, even if something happens to your computer, it is important to keep them in a different location. You can copy the bookmark backup file from your computer to a removable USB hard drive or a portable USB thumb drive. Although a physical storage device can be convenient, it is important to keep in mind that it can get lost or damaged.

That is why, cloud storage is a better solution. There are many cloud storage services available and they offer a variety of plans and features that will suit customers with different needs. There are free and paid options and you can find services that adjust to your storage space requirements and budget. With a cloud storage service, you can copy your bookmarks backup file (in .html or .json format, depending on the type of method you used) and keep the data safe on an online location that can be easily accessed whenever needed.

Restoring the bookmarks

The last step in the process is to restore the data. If you stored the files on your USB drive, you need to connect it to your new computer. If you opted for a cloud storage service, you need to log in to your account. Then you need to copy or download the backup file to a location on the new computer. It is advisable to choose a location that you can find easily. Once the file is on the new computer, you can do the below:

  1. Open Firefox and click on the Bookmarks menu, located at the top of the screen. Then select “Show All Bookmarks”. You will see Firefox’s general bookmarks menu.
  2. Click on Import and Backup at the top of the screen. The next option you need to select will depend on the method that you used during the backup process. If you selected “Backup”, you will need to go for “Restore…Choose File”. If you originally chose “Export”, now you have to select “Import”.
  3. Now you just need to go to the location where the backup file was saved and Firefox will take care of the process. Once it is completed, your bookmarks will be restored.

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