How to backup iPhoto

Data loss can happen at any moment and if we haven’t take measures to be prepared for this event, the consequences can be devastating. We keep a lot of important data on our computers including work documents, family photos, our favorite music and more. All these files are valuable, but photos can be the most difficult (and in many cases impossible) to recover. Our photos capture special events and holidays and losing them can be really frustrating since many of these moments can’t be repeated. Mac users rely on iPhoto be able to access their photos whenever needed and at any time. The problem is that if your hard drive fails, you won’t be able to save your images, unless you take the necessary steps to be prepared. Here is what you need to do:

Select which files you want to backup

It is possible that you don’t want to make a copy of all the data on your hard drive, although this depends on the backup solution you have selected. You can just choose specific folders to backup. For instance, you can choose your iPhoto folder or you can select specific sub-folders within it. The important thing is that you take into consideration the files that are more important to you and take the necessary steps to protect them. It is possible to backup your iPhoto folder or export the database, or some parts of it. This will enable you to get all the photos in multiple qualities, including the original versions.

Select a backup solution

Mac computers feature their own powerful backup tool known as Time Machine. This automatic backup program can create bootable copies of your hard drive at regular intervals. In the event of your computer crashing, getting lost or being damaged, your external hard drive will come with a virtual carbon copy of the old compute’s files, applications, settings and operating system. This is a comprehensive and secure backup solution. Just check that your iPhoto folder is included in the backup.

Get an external hard drive

Getting a hard drive is a good option, but it is advisable to get a brand that is well-known such as Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba. While they may be more expensive, it is an investment that should be considered as it will ensure that you get a good quality device and this is important to keep your data safe. The size of the hard drive will depend on the amount of data that you need to store. For instance, 1 GB would allow you to keep about 200 photos.

Cloud Storage – an option worth considering

Cloud storage is a solution that allows you to store data on a remote server. It doesn’t require you to rely on your computer or hard drive so you don’t have to worry if they crash. The data is backed up remotely and it is kept safe and available when you need it. Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular and there are many options available. They allow you to keep your data safe and you will be able to restore it in case anything happens to your computer. Cloud storage could be the most secure and practical solution and there are services like Dropbox and Google Drive that offer some amount of storage space for free.

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