Plex Cloud offers new movie streaming service

Plex is a client-server media player system and software suite, and it is considered to be a pirate’s best friend. It’s considered to be the best way to get movies through the use of both PCs and TVs. All the downloads are done illegally of course.

The service some handful and useful legal features but one of the things it claims it did and brought up forth fame for it is after hosting and serving downloaded movies. Now the company is now announcing new plans to stream movies, photos, and music which would be stored in the Amazon cloud and make it look as if the content was housed locally.

The new service will be known as Plex Cloud and it actually received some coverage even though it was something illegal. The new service is clearly exciting and on the surface, it looks just as much. Users no longer have to constantly run the local servers and also maintain them for hosting. The service would also make it easier for users to create more of their own Netflix.

All movies, photos and music which will be located in the cloud will now be able to be hosted on the cloud. It is the same cloud that Netflix has been using lately, and they are called on the demand of the devices. The Plex server software is also streamed straight from the cloud.

Users now have to pay just $60 for the yearly fee for some unlimited storage which will be stored on the Amazon Web Services. This is the funny and ironic part though. Amazon does not condone any hosting of infringing content on their devices such as the downloaded movies and music.

The Plex offering is yet to be tested but it will surely work out fine. The service is also expected to be able to work with The Pirate Bay pirated movies and the other countless various sites which host pirated data. Amazon Web Services does not stop people from uploading content like that but after it’s identified, the Amazon Web Service will likely remove it.

Amazon is not the only one that makes such a standing. The issue of uploading infringing content to the cloud services had always been one point of contention in the cloud services content. Some of the users who argue about the issue say that if the content is not going to be shared publicly or advertised, then the content would be able to go under the radar of the Amazon, Google and some of the cloud providers.

The stance that Plex will take to illegally upload content to the AWS is predictable. Users of the Plex Cloud services are supposed to abide by the Terms of Use encountered in the Plex and Amazon regulations. The company will be operating in a grey area and the company is taking one big step and interesting one towards the personal computing. The company and the direction it is headed towards enables it to get the same result just as if the Plex software was run on the home computer.

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