SyncBackPro Review

In order to keep your files protected and ensure that you can still access, even if you accidentally delete them or if there is a system error that corrupts them, backing them up and synchronizing them is essential. With SyncBackPro, you can save your files and enjoy additional backup functionality. Here we will take a closer look at this backup software.


One of the best things about SyncBackPro is that it is easy to install and to set up. All you need to do is to run the installer and accept the licensing agreement by entering the serial number when required. You can even try the software for 30 days, thanks to the trial that allows you to use the program before committing to a purchase. Once you have installed SyncBackPro, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen to set up a profile. You will also have the option to go through tutorials that will allow you to complete an initial backup and more.

Backup and Recovery

With SyncBackPro, users can backup and restore files easily. When you use the software, you will need to have a source folder and select a destination one. Once you have the required setup, you can set each profile to run automatically, if preferred. It is possible to create a new profile without hassle. One profile is created during the initial setup, but if you want to create an additional one, you need to select Profiles from the top menu, then choose the next option. Enter a name and select the type to build. At this stage, you will also be able to select other options such as source/destination and frequency.

The tutorials are very helpful for people who haven’t used SyncBack in the past. Getting used to the interface on your own may take some time, but with the help of the video tutorials, things get easier. The recovery process is simple and you can pull files back down without issues. It is clear that SyncbackPro has been designed with recovery in mind, although the backup process could be a bit less complicated.


SyncBackPro is a powerful backup and synchronization solution and it takes the standard version’s functionality to the next level. It offers some additional features that are not supported on the Standard Edition and it allows you to back up your data to cloud services like Amazon Glacier S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft Azure. You can also backup with Microsoft Exchange and Fast Backup. The software saves messages stored on an IMAP4 or POP3 server. In addition, SyncVBackPro supports BZip2 compression, LZMA compression and media transfer protocol.

Apart from FTP and FTPS, SFTP is also supported and the number of files included is not just limited by free RAM. In addition, there is a practical feature called performance overview, which is a window that keeps you updated on any issue that could be causing your computer to slow down while the data is being transferred. You can also get tips that will allow you to make the system work more efficiently and faster. The fact that the software is transparent and that it offers a clear overview of how it impacts the system resources is something that is definitely worth highlighting.

With SyncBackPro, you also get file versioning, a feature that lets you keep an identical copy of the document in two places. In case you delete a file and then realize that you need it back, you just have to get the saved version from the versioning folder for recovery. These are the added features that the Pro version offers, but of course, you also get the functions supported by the standard version. For instance, you can detect changes in file or folder name and correct any issues. It is also possible to skip or ignore changes and copy in-use files. Plus, both the Standard and the Pro versions let you compress using Zip64 and create self-extracting files.


As previously mentioned, there are helpful tutorials available, as well as useful files that can be downloaded. In addition, there is a knowledge base and a forum where you can also find helpful information. If you need further assistance, you can get it through a ticket system. Although the knowledge base contains a great deal of information, it can be a bit complicated to navigate, but hopefully they address this by organizing the information in way that allows users to find what they want very easily.


One license of SyncBackPro costs $54.95 and it supports up to five devices. Companies that need to purchase more than five licenses will get a discounted price. Although the professional version is more expensive than what the usual home license for this kind of product would cost, SyncBackPro offers a good selection of features and good performance.


SyncBackPro by 2BrightSparks is a practical solution that allows you to backup and sync data effectively. While the interface can take a while to get used to, it works well and the recovery process is particularly efficient and simple.

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