Best CrashPlan Alternatives

Backing up data is very important not only for personal but also for business. Most computer users tend to back up their data through cloud solution and one of the best option of it is the CrashPlan. However, it is a bit expensive and not everyone could afford it. Thus, finding alternatives could be an option for one to be able afford saving back-ups.

Best alternatives for CrashPlan are the following:

1. Cloudberry Backup

Cloudberry ensures security and privacy through its 256-bit AES encryption. It has the ability to create cloud, local and hybrid backups. It can store and restore data to different virtual devices and is compatible with most operating systems.

This software is user-friendly and offers numerous cloud providers. Lastly, you only have to pay once to get their service.

2. iDrive

iDrive offers unlimited device backup at a cheap price. This software is compatible and could backup files from iOS and Android. iDrive comes with the ability to backup from multiple sources and social media backup. It could also keep your backup-ed data encrypted.

The only disadvantage of this software is it is difficult to use.

3. Backblaze

Backblaze is one of the best could solutions in the market with it offering unlimited data backup, could be used on multiple platforms and comes with a 128 bit AES encryption and two factor authentication for privacy and safety. It supports multi-threaded backup which ensures fast and easy backup. Lastly, it is also easy to use.

4. Carbonite

Carbonite offers unlimited backup and allows backing up data from external hard disk and photos. It has the ability to recovery service and could back up by file types such as extension list and only backup files. The downside of this software is it is slow and takes a long time backing up files.

5. Duplicati

This software is open source and is free. It offers multiple backup options and is compatible with most platforms including Linux. It also ensures your data is secured and private.

6. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image comes with simple interface and is easy to use. However, this software requires about half gigabyte storage space on your drive to be able to install it properly. This software also ensures your data is secured and is compatible with most platforms including Android and iOS.

7. SpiderOakONE

One of the best cloud solutions, SpiderOakONE offers unlimited use of backups and comes with encryption features. It could sync your files from multiple computers and its speed in uploading files is fast. The only challenges of this software are it cannot perform NAS backup and is not compatible with mobile operating systems.

8. ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive is another cloud solutions that is not that expensive and is for people who are in a budget. This software offers up to 2GB free storage. If you wish for higher GB storage, this software offers it for a cheap fee of $9.95.

ElephantDrive is compatible with Linux, Android, iOS, NAS, MacOS and Windows. This software is easy to use and has a simple interface. It also comes with 254-bit AES encryption which ensures your security and privacy.

9. Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is recommended for those who would like to save and backup small sized files. This program allows your files to be used on different computers and is available on multiple platforms. It is easy to use and is compatible on modern platforms. It has a 14 day trial for free but if you wish to explore all its functions and features, you will need to pay a certain fee.


Backing-up data is very important and crucial task and one of the ways to be able to back up data is through cloud solutions. Cloud solutions used to be expensive and some of them are still are but with thorough research, there are a number where you could purchase for a cheaper price. Above are just a few alternatives and substitutes you could try and use.

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