Avaya Platform is about to offer a cloud based wired wireless network support

Avaya is about to introduce a new platform that will be able to let the enterprises and the midsize businesses deploy and also manage the wired and the wireless networks which would be through the cloud.

The IP Expo show which was in London this week the company revealed their plans. The officials from the company launched the Avaya Cloud Networking Platform, a service that will be able to give the customers one centralized resource which they can use to easily manage and gain some insight into the network infrastructures. This helps them since they will not have to deal with the controller appliances or the overlay management software.

The nature of the business world means everything is changing rapidly nowadays, and it has become more distributed and digital. This means there has been a greater demand for the network infrastructures to be actually more dynamic and easy to manage.

The cloud based offering will be able to bring in more simplicity and also help to increase the complex space and also enable the management of both the wired and wireless network infrastructures, as Jean Turgeon, the chief technologist at the Avaya Networking department said.

In a statement, Turgeon said that the demand for one unified access solution was continually growing, therefore the burden which was used to manage and secure the networks was now untenable and it had come at a time when there was heavy pressure to actually reduce the IT budgets and their resources. He also added that the company’s Cloud Networking Platform was also designed to offer both the cost effective and the secure solution.

Lately, businesses are not only giving their attention to the cloud-based solutions, but they are also looking for some services which can be useful in managing both the wired and the wireless networks. There has been a demand for the unified wired and wireless infrastructures which has helped to drive deals which are in the networking industry.

Examples which come to life include the Hewlett Packard Enterprise purchase of the $3 billion deal of Aruba Networks and the Brocade’s $1.2 billion deal when they bought Ruckus Wireless. Extreme Networks also bought Zebra Technologies WLAN business for around $55 million.

The WLAN is actually thought to be amongst the fastest growing industries in the networking industry. IDC analysts say that the WLAN market grew 9.4 percent in the second quarter, and the growth was largely fueled by the transition of the businesses as they became digital enterprises.

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