Best Cloud Backup for Windows

Thanks to its flexibility and convenience, Windows is hugely popular and millions of users around the wold have opted for this operating system. There is a great deal of data that can be stored on a Windows PC, which is why, having a good solution to make sure that your data is protected and accessible, is essential. Although Microsoft’s OneDrive allows you to sync all your files to its cloud server, there are some limitations and issues to consider.

First of all, it should be noted that if your computer is affected by a virus and your files are damaged, the damage will be copied to OneDrive so you won’t eb able to recover the original version. In terms of privacy, OneDrive is not a strong solution because Microsoft is known for having an open door policy that allows the NSA to monitor data at any time. To keep your data secure and private, it is advisable to opt for an alternative cloud backup solution. Before we list the best options, we will go through the advantages that this technology offers.

Main advantages of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup allows you to protect your data from possible loss or damage caused by system failure and other issues. Additionally, cloud backup is a practical option for file sharing and collaboration. Your data is kept secure and it is possible to find affordable services. There are comprehensive, unlimited backup plans available for less than $10. Since the cloud backup industry is gaining popularity, new services are regularly being launched. In order to be able to compete, providers need to offer good value for money to gain and maintain customers. This is why affordability is one of the main benefits of cloud backup.

Another important aspect to consider is security. Backing up your data to the cloud, keeps it secure in case of viruses, theft or natural disasters. The best cloud backup solutions are designed to protect your files from online fraud, cyber attacks and other threats, using high level of encryption. They have also implemented secure firewalls and solid privacy policies to ensure that your data is not compromised. It is also important to remember that cloud backup gives you the possibility of recovering your data in case of any issues.

This technology maintains a duplicate copy of files in data centers located across the world. Even if your computer is damaged or lost, you will be able to retrieve your files in a simple and fast way. File versioning is another convenient feature that cloud backups offer, as it allows you to select and restore previous versions of your files. Thanks to file versioning, you will be able to compare versions, make revisions and return to a past version of a document or photo. File versioning may vary between cloud backup services, but is a benefit that should be noted.


If you need an option that offers great performance for Windows and that supports file syncing, you should opt for IDrive. It allows you to turn any folder on a system into a dedicated sync folder, which may come handy to differentiate your personal files from data related to your work or business. IDrive is also a very solid backup solution that automatically select important folders for backups. You can also chose data manually to make sure that only the folders that you want are backed up. IDrive works really well with Windows Explorer and it offers features like Disk image backup The main downside of IDrive is that it doesn’t offer unlimited storage. Keeping this in mind, it is slightly expensive, but If you don’t need a large amount of storage, it can still be a good option.


While Carbonite doesn’t offer a wide range of customization option or advanced features, it is a good choice for users who want simplicity. Once the app is installed on the system, it starts scanning the drive for files to backup. When you select automatic backup, Carbonite will upload all the files stored on your computer. There is a practical color code that will let you know what is the status of the backup. Green indicates that files are being uploaded, yellow indicates that the files are waiting to be uploaded and white with a green border means that the files have been uploaded. When manual backup is selected, it is not possible to browse and upload a file from Carbonite. However, you can go to Windows Explorer, right click on the file (or folder) and then choose Carbonite. Overall, it is a good solution if you want the most important settings and effective management for your backups.

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup offers fantastic software and allows you to backup up multiple computers. It supports local drive and social media backup and it scans your system automatically, recommending folders to upload. However, recommended files and folders are only uploaded with your approval. Once SOS Online Backup has finished scanning your drive, it delivers information such as size and number of files, as well as data type category. When it comes to security, SOS Online Backup supports UltraSafe and UltraSafe Max encryption to protect your data. The speeds of the service are impressive, but Windows Explorer integration is missing and there is no unlimited storage in offer.


Ease of use is one of the main benefits of Backblaze. The software is set to make things simple for people who don’t have previous experience with cloud backup services. You can select hard drives for backup and customize the speed. It is possible to opt for continuous backup, daily backup, or you can set up the frequency that better suits your needs. Once you install the app, it starts backing up all your data and although it excludes system files, you can add them manually if needed. The settings available are not complicated and you can add particular folders to a list to prevent them from being backed up. In terms of security, Backblaze offers 128-bit local encryption and data is protected on the server side with 256-bit encryption. The file versioning option allows you to keep deleted files for 30 days. Backblaze may lack advanced customization, but it is ideal for those who want a “click and go” solution.


CrashPlan is a well-established name in the cloud backup industry. It offers seamless performance so you will be able to work on other tasks while the app takes care of your backups. CrashPlan is able to manage backups even when you are away from your computer and it comes with a great set of features. Apart from unlimited storage, it provides data de-duplication and compression. CrashPlan gives you the possibility of excluding specific file types from a backup and you can also choose the frequency of the file versioning. It is possible to backup data to a someone else’s network drives and data is encrypted before transfer, and only you can access it with a password. CrashPlan uses 448-bit Blowfish private encryption and 256-bit encryption on the server side. Overall, CrahsPlan is an affordable option, although new users may take a while getting used to all its advanced functionality.

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