Box is a reliable and easy to use cloud storage and syncing solution. While it is mainly aimed at business users, it offers personal plans that support useful features to prevent data loss and get access to your files across different devices. We will focus on the personal service, which includes free and premium accounts. The free personal service offers up to 10 GB, which is quite generous when compared to some competitor. That being said, it should be noted that there is a limit on the size of the files that can be uploaded. This means that the free solution is only suitable for documents and photos. In order to get up to 100GB of space and to be able to upload files up to 5GB, you will need to opt for a paid plan for $10 per month.


Box is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. To make sure that you can access your data on multiple devices, you can install the app on them. Once the program is installed, it creates a new folder on your computer. You can drag and drop entire folders into the Box folder and all the files that you move there, will be synced across the devices where the Box app has been installed. This gives you control over the data that you want to sync.

When the app is running, you will see icons that indicate the status of the syncing and if the device is not connected to internet, Box waits until it is online to sync all the changes. The data in the Box folder can also be accessed through the Web app, which offers a variety of options including downloading and sharing files. Apart from that, you can edit your files and create Google Docs. There is an option called Box Note, which is a text editor with good functionality. With an additional free plugin, it is possible to create new Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Box gives you the possibility of assigning tasks to someone associated with the document. The tasks are managed from the built-in Box messaging system and you don’t need to use your email for this purpose. The option to assign tasks is very practical for group projects and it is one of the collaboration features that Box supports. You can also import contacts from popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook, which lets you share files faster and more conveniently.

Box doesn’t only allow you to view photos that have been saved to your account using the web app. You can also listen to your audio tracks thanks to the built-in music player. This is a practical feature that lets you listen to your audio-books and music stored in the Box folder on any computer, by simply logging into your Box Web account. You can also add the tracks using the Box mobile apps, which are highly efficient and user-friendly. The apps also give you the possibility of adding a passcode and uploading the photos and videos captured with your device to your Box account automatically.


Box is a flexible solution that works well with other services and applications including Salesforce and Chatter. Although many of the options supported are more suitable for Business use, individuals can also find useful solutions to which Box offers integration. In terms of speed, Box stands out by offering a remarkably fast service. You can upload and download files at high speeds, which clearly shows the Business focus of the service. It is designed to facilitate collaboration and enhance productivity. Security is another advantage of Box as all the file transfers are encrypted using SSL and on the server side, 256-bit is provided.


The free personal solutions is a good choice if you only want to protect documents and some photos. Box lets you edit documents online and it works well with other apps and services, including Google Drive. It is flexible, reliable and simple. The sharing and collaboration features make it a practical solution for team projects and other tasks.

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