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This review was last updated on April 22nd, 2016.

Fabasoft-1Fabasoft was previously known as FolioCloud, a European based cloud storage solution. Fabasoft Cloud puts you in control of the cloud, their service gives you the ability to sort out your storage and determine who can access your data as needed, tracking and logging each change along the way. They stand for business work as their motto and they stand by that by providing a countless number of options for their clients.

Price Plans

A free 14 day trial is offered on the public cloud, allowing you to get acquainted with their service and see if it meets your requirements. Aside for that their Professional plan starts at $17 USD, this may be expensive but provide additional features such as secure login options, secure collaborations with Teamrooms, dynamic watermarks and much more. Whilst the Enterprise plan starts $45 USD per user per month, it’s a customized package that includes the extra functionality your business needs on top of the professional edition. The plans may be pricey compared to other competitors in the cloud storage industry, but they do offer various amounts of control for each of your employees and business with advanced administrative capabilities and logs.



Fabasoft has a vast amount of features, the main aspect being the control the user has over his cloud drive and the assigned users.

  • Secure Storage
  • Choose Sever Location
  • Choose Team/Secure login
  • Manage/Track all data logs

Fabasoft-2The service itself comes with a 14 day free trial for you to test all of this out for your business and see if it suits your needs. The teamroom is one of the core features in the Fabasoft cloud that guarantees secure data exchange and boundless collaboration between companies. A Teamroom is a protected area that only authenticated users who have been explicitly invited and granted rights have access to. Their service is provided on multiple platforms such as Windows Explorer and Apple Finder. They claim one of their best features is the fact that there data centers are based in Europe, this makes them an alternative to Dropbox whose data centers are based in the USA. Fabasoft provides Timeline functionality that guarantees the smooth flow of business processes and provides traceability, transparency and clear rules within your collaborations. The logs are an administrator’s dream, and often not available with cloud storage.

One of Fabasoft’s most unique features is the fact they integrate the intelligent Mindbreeze search, this is a simple search field that allows the user to search for information in full-text documents and in the metadata. Fabasoft is geared up to organizations as well as the individual user, their cloud solution allows for entire organizations to collaborate. Another unique feature is the fact you can select the cloud location of your choice, this gives you the freedom and knowledge that your data is physically stored in your designated country. Another crucial feature Fabasoft provide you with the ability to add watermarks to documents; definition watermarks are automatically added to documents to protect them, all documents in the Teamroom are displayed to users with read access as PDF object with the defined watermark ensuring security.


Security wise, Fabasoft’s cloud storage offers a unique amount of features to keep your data safe. Secomo, is an optional encryption option offered to secure your sensitive files. The drives are encrypted at all times, but so are data transfers between nodes. Their service allows you to select the storage location of your data server wise, they also protect your data under European data protection laws and standard policies in place. They give you storage option in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The service even provides full traceability of document changes within the business, this means that way you can see who’s changing what and when exactly it taking place.


Fabasoft isn’t the fastest service, but they aren’t the slowest service either. I would say that they are pretty average when it comes to the speed of their service. It took 26 minutes to upload a 135MB video file. But consider the fact that I’m using a 5Mbps ADSL connection with only 1Mbps upload bandwidth. Users with faster upload bandwidth rates will experience faster transfer speeds. Still, I think that their speeds are adequate for most users. Though they were a finalist in the “Best in Cloud 2011” awards, their transfer speeds were unexpectedly unexceptional.

Data Backup Capabilities

Fabasoft Cloud includes automated syncing capabilities across multiple devices, ensuring that your selected folders are always backed up. The ability to collaborate securely with partners, managed shared documents, and mobile meeting documents all in one place also ensures important work documents are kept stored at all times. FTP connections are also supported for long queues and other required applications.

Data Restore Capabilities

The service gives you the ability to control all your data and files stored on their servers. The service they provide means you get to provide rights as to who can edit or access certain documents, this of course means you have the ability to restore any documents as and when you need to. Although to be honest with you it is worth noting that the service they provide is more of a cloud solution than it is a backup/restore service.


Support is widely available across all of the services they provide. They give you the option to reach them through email and phone lines, in the case of emergencies you can even reach them at a physical location. They also have a decent amount of resources to get help across their cloud service, they also include an incredibly useful portal that include commonly asked questions to any problems you may encounter. They pride themselves on having a very fast response time with capable technicians ready to solve complicated issues efficiently.


In the end, Fabasoft provides a great cloud based solution for businesses or enterprises; the service they provide is unique in the fact that it allows you to know and choose where your data is stored as well as whom your sharing it with. They even provide information on every change that is made along the way with detailed logs for network admins to really have proper visibility. This gives complete control to you and even your employees, furthermore you get to monitor everything going on within the cloud service. To be fair Fabasoft isn’t a direct backup and recovery solution; it’s more about collaborating online and using their built in tools to share files, create documents, and storage key files for the business. If that’s what you’re seeking than sign up and give it a try, the features their service provide are very impressive.


  • Datacenters in Europe, so users don’t have to fear involvement of the United States NSA
  • HTTPS and TLS encryption
  • Continuous file versioning
  • Handy auditing system to track user activity and file access permissions


  • Lackluster speeds, though I wouldn’t say they are “slow”
  • File transfers can be slower for North American based users, though faster for European users because of latency


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