How to Back up Google Chrome for Access on the Go

Google Chrome is a browser known for its efficiency, simplicity and fast performance. Apart from being easy to use, Google Chrome is convenient thanks to a feature that backs up your bookmarks to ensure that you can get access to them whenever needed. This feature is called Chrome Sync and it is set to make things simple for users. The Chrome Sync option will be very helpful in case of a computer failure, an issue with the operating system or when you don’t have your computer with you. Here we will find out how to use it.

How to get Chrome Sync

Chrome Sync can be enabled when you initially set up Chrome and it is advisable that you do so. If it is not enabled, you can access it at any stage by simply clicking on the three horizontal lines located at the right side of the navigation bar and selecting Settings. Under Settings, you will see the option to Sign in and a button that lets you link your Google account to your Chrome browser. Once you do this, sync will be enabled with all the default settings that it offers. It is also possible to customize the Sync settings. Just click the “Advanced Sync settings” option that appears when you are signed into your account.

How to enable Sync Settings

You have the option to sync everything including bookmarks, apps, extensions, auto-fill settinsg, browsing history, passwords and themes. Choosing to sync everything is practical, even if you manage options like passwords with other solutions outside of Chrome. If preferred, you can opt for syncing only certain options and you can also encrypt passwords using your Google login details or a passphrase of your choice. Keep in mind that if you set up a passphrase, this will be required to access Chrome on a new computer. If you forget it, you can reset sync in the Google dashboard to ensure that all the settings on your home computer are kept.

Why should you use Chrome Sync?

Thanks to Chrome Sync, your bookmarks and browsing history will be available even when you use a different computer. The syncing process starts as you log in to Chrome and it is a practical feature that will save you a lot of time. Many people need their bookmarks handy for work and with Chrome Sync, you can access them even if you are not using your home computer. While it is not perfect and not all your settings may be available, Chrome Sync is a solution that is worth considering, specially if you need to change your computer or you have multiple devices. It is also useful when you use Chrome on Android since you just need to log in to your Google account to access your web history and bookmarks.

How to access your Chrome settings on the go

Chrome Sync is ideal to access your settings across all your devices. However, there may be cases in which many people are sharing Chrome and want to access their own settings without having to log in and log out constantly. You may also want to access internet on a public computer or on a friend’s device when you don’t have your own one with you. In these cases, you can still get access to your Chrome settings by using Chrome Sync along with Google Chrome Portable.

Chrome Portable is designed for use on the go and it was developed by PortableApps, who have created portable versions of popular software. These portable versions run from a USB stick so you can use then whenever you are. PortableApps aims to ensure that the portable versions are regularly updated to keep up with the main version. Portable Chrome is very fast and practical, but it doesn’t save passwords by default and doesn’t carry over certificates since they are normally kept on the local computer. Apart from some minor limitations, Chrome Portable works like the full version of Chrome.

How to achieve optimal Chrome portability

If everyone in your household wishes to enjoy their Chrome settings on the go, there is something that you can try. In your shared laptop, you can install multiple versions of Portable Chrome as it is free and open source. Each version should be saved in its own folder and you can enable Chrome Sync in every case. You can name every folder after the user and set shortcuts on the desktop. This way, everyone will be able to log in to their own version of the browser. Each user will be able to access their bookmarks and settings without issues.

Using Portable Chrome with Chrome Sync will allow you to access your Chrome settings when you travel and when you need to use a different computer. You can save Portable Chrome with Chrome Sync to a USB stick to get access to your bookmarks, browsing history and more, even if you need to use a computer that is not yours. If you forgot your USB stick, you can download Portable Chrome, but it works better when you have previously downloaded it with Sync enabled and all your extensions saved to the USB.

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