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iBackup-reviewiBackup is a cloud backup provider out of California that caters more specifically to businesses of all sizes, the service they provide is an all in one solution for cloud storage and backup. They’ve become a large and known name in the industry by offering high performance and enterprise based standard backup services, with high security and reliability. This is all coupled with affordable pricing and a great set of features.

Price Plans

Their pricing plans on offer for this service is based on a tabled layout; they tailor your pricing plan depending on your storage space needs and one of the great things about the service they provide is you can pay either monthly, yearly or even over two years. For 500 GB you can either pay $10 monthly or $100 yearly, for 1TB you can either pay $20 monthly or $200 annually, for 5TB you can either pay  $100 monthly or $1,000 annually, for 10TB you can either pay $200 monthly or $2,000 annually. Another great aspect of their pricing plans is the fact that they offer discounts on their two year plans.

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Speaking of features, iBackup may cater to businesses all the way to enterprise levels, they also have no shortage of support for individuals that prefer paying for premium services.

  • Multiple Platforms Server Backup Solutions
  • Mobile App Support (iOS/Android)
  • DataCenter Edition
  • Web Interface
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Hybrid Backup
  • iBackup Express

iBackup provides numerous sets of features for its customers. They provide their customers with automatic selection; this means that commonly backed up folders including Documents, Pictures and Videos are pre-selected for backup at a random after hours schedule although they give you control over this as you can customize the selection and the schedule. They also provide an additional back up feature that works alongside the traditional schedule backup feature; this feature work by backing up the modified parts of your files and folders, this offers you hands-free protection. No data is ever deleted from your account unless you manually deleted it, all of their backup features don’t affect the performance of your PC as well. The service they offer provides a Timeline Restore feature; this feature allows you to restore files backed up to a particular date and time, it allows you to select and restore any file/ folder to your local machine.

Another great feature iBackup offers is file versioning, file versioning means that the last 30 versions of all your files backed up are retained and available to restore. One of iBackup’s best features is their enterprise class redundancy measures; this means that for fast recovery in the case of primary device failure, your data is systematically backed up to local RAID devices. For additional redundancy; data is optionally periodically mirrored to geographically apart data centers, this level of protection even accounts for major disaster at the primary data center.


iBackup takes great lengths to ensure your data is secured; they have enhanced security and use a 128 –bit SSL encryption on data transfer, this is coupled with a 256- bit AES encryption on storage. An offline private encryption key is provided, this is a great additional security feature as it is not stored anywhere on the servers and remains the sole responsibility of the user. Being an enterprise level service, you can expect good security with matching service on all fronts. Their servers are backed up using continuous data protection that detects changes in real time. Your data is always held in different states to ensure multi-level protection and to be honest with you the security this service provides is excellent.


iBackup performed a little slowly during the speed test. To backup a 135MB file, it only took about 27 minutes, which isn’t too bad when compared with other leading services. If this sounds a little slow to you, understand that I am using an Internet connection with 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload bandwidth. One thing I did like about their software client is that it included a bandwidth test feature. Interestingly enough, however, it didn’t show that I had a full 1Mbps upload speed. It actually showed that I had about 0.85 Mbps upload speed. If you have a faster Internet connection, your speeds will be exponentially faster.

Data Backup Capabilities

Backup capabilities are highly varied, they offer services like hybrid backup which allows for both local and cloud storage, they offer automated backup to the cloud, multiple version sets and much more. As far as file type go you can easily upload files regardless of whether its videos, audio, and other multimedia based files. To be honest with you they provide an incredible service on this front and it’s safe to say your business can backup whatever you need to in a wide variety of formats. Additionally, CDP – Continuous Data Protection technology is used in order to have real-time backup of any changes or additions made on the data, this means that regardless of what happens you can rest assured your data is always baked up.

Data Restore Capabilities

If any restoring is needed, iBackup allows for easy recovery. A 30 day security salvage period for files or folders you may have deleted, this file versioning can prove crucial if you ever need to restore lost data. You can also restore up to 10 versions of a single file that may have been backed up different states, this proves really useful for retrieving old copies of specific documents and this ties in with the real-time backups. Lastly their iBackup Express feature allows for quick backups and the retrieval of all your files in a physical storage shipment to your location, if need be.


Top notch support is also offered to users over phone, live chat, and e-mail. The website and portal is well designed and easy to use. The online help center is also packed with valuable info, this online help center is useful when answering some frequently asked questions across the various platforms iBackup can be used on.


All sized businesses can utilize iBackup as a full solution for cloud storage and backup. Massive storage plans with server support are sure to meet most businesses requirements regardless of their size. From the service provided; to the support, you can expect nothing less than premium quality as you would expect of a service that caters to large clients.


  • Clean and simple software interface
  • Adequate backup speeds
  • Strong security using 128-bit encryption


  • Free trial requires payment card information, which seems a little underhanded with automatic billing
  • Some users may feel that it lacks advanced features

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  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Storage Space
  • Speed

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