Memopal Review

Italian-based backup service Memopal is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a flexible and easy to use solution. The service has been available for almost a decade and it allows you to backup files from multiple devices, without restrictions on the type or size of the files. They offer a free plan that supports up to 3GB of storage space and a Pro plan for personal use that provides 500GB for €79 EUR (roughly $88 USD) per year. There are also solutions available for Business users. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and there are also mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Backup and Performance

The installation is fairly simple and once you create an account and run the software, you will be able to start backing up your data right away. You can choose between backing up My documents folder or setting up your own folders for backup. It is also possible to backup folders on external hard drives. The backup process runs in the background until all the files are securely backed up. The Memopal Dashboard shows most of the backup information, including backup status and storage allowance used. You will also find shortcuts for sharing and restoring files, as well as an option to invite friends to join Memopal, which will allow you to earn additional space. Overall, the interface is simple and straightforward.

To backup data, you just need to open the Settings tab and select the file or folder that should be added. Uploading data is quick and easy, making Memopal a good choice even for those with little experience with this type of services. The Advanced Settings will allow you to adjust the upload speed, change the backup schedule, set a limit on the size of files that are uploaded automatically and more. The selection of settings would suit most needs and will give you the possibility of customizing the tool according to your preferences.

In the advanced settings, you will also find the option to adjust the backup schedule. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically, which means that backups are performed on any changes on your computer. Any changes are immediately uploaded to the cloud when you choose the automatic mode, which makes it a convenient option. It is also possible to schedule backups to run daily at a specific time or weekly, on the day you select. Although the upload and download speeds are not impressive when compared to other providers, they should be good enough for most cases.


The restoration process has been simplified and unlike with other services, you don’t need to go to the website and unzip files. Simply open the desktop application and select “Restore” from the Dashboard. You will see a list of all your uploaded files and you can select the file or folder that you want to restore, as well as your preferred destination. Overall the process is simple and flexible.


File versioning is available, meaning that previous versions of your documents are saved automatically. This gives you the possibility of going back to an earlier draft of your work in case you need to recover information. This unlimited capacity to save previous versions of files, makes Memopal stand out from the competition as not many providers support this option.

There is also a long-term storage option that allow you to keep files after they have been deleted from your hard drive. Thanks to this feature, the service can be used to free up space on your computer, while you can still get access to the information at any stage. However, it is important to keep in mind that this will take up of your storage allowance. .

With Memopal you can share files easily by right clicking on a backup and selecting “Share” or dragging a file into the “Share” box on the software. A secure link will be generated and this can be copied and pasted to your preferred location. While there are no restrictions on the type or size of files that can be shared, there is no password-protection available for these links. Still, this is a practical way to share photo galleries with friends and family.

Additionally, there is a synchronization service that lets you access backups from multiple devices, by simply adding the files to a “sync” folder. The data that you back up with Memopal is protected with 256-bit end-to-end encryption. In order to enhance the security of your information, the client verifies the server certificate before transferring ant data, which prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.


While the price of the plans is higher than other options available, Memopal offers a wide range of features that will suit different requirements. The service is easy to use and provides a versatile backup solution, as well as a high level of security. The mobile apps are practical and allow you to enjoy the functionality of the desktop service on the go. You can search for backed up data and upload files from your device as well.

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