The Many Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the way of the future. Many businesses and home users are begging to adopt the idea of offsite backup due to its affordability and efficiency. Most importantly the fact that it offers a backup of all your important data and memories in a location away and safely secured. This means in the event of natural disasters, hardware failure, theft your data is backed up & secured. If it doesn’t exist twice, it doesn’t exist at all.


What exactly are the benefits of cloud storage? First and foremost, the affordable price.

By subscribing to a cloud service you have the ability to back up a ton of data easily and cheaply. Some services offer unlimited backup from $5 to $10 monthly. Equate this to the cost you’d be spending on hardware such as external hard drives or business grade equipment to keep all your photos, videos, and documents safe. In the grand scheme of things cloud storage saves you a ton of money.


Secondly, Cloud storage services are just super easy and convenient to use. Rather than having to manually backup all your files one by one and sorting through them to back up to your external hardware the software takes care of this for you. You can even set scheduled backups with many of the services out there & set certain permissions for files it backs up. This means much more time is saved overall making it easier for you to back up without worry. From there you can access it anytime from a variety of platforms from desktop to mobile.


This ties into with the convenience mentioned as you have access to your data anywhere you have an internet connection. Since your data is stored in the cloud and not tethered to some physical hardware you can restore or have access your data whenever you need to. So if your away from the office or just forgot a file back home on a local drive simply login to your cloud service or via the apps and gather your data.


Safety and security is a big aspect of cloud storage services. All services will encrypt your files at some level and even in some cases provide password to protect them. This is especially great for businesses as it allows them to store client or employee data off site to easily secure it. This also protects files that may have been lost or damaged due to hardware failures or theft. By storing files off site you can restore them at your leisure.

File Sharing & Syncing

File syncing allows you to make sure your files are updated across the array of your devices. Most cloud storages will offer such a feature so that you can easily get your files on whatever platform you are on. Again another great aspect is the ability to share files and collaborate on things easily online. Sending files between employees or friends has never been easier.

File Recovery

As stated previously you have the ability to recover all your data as it was backed up anytime from various platforms. As compared to a hardware failure of a drive which would result in direct loss of your data, cloud storage is so much reliable. The great thing about cloud services is there is typically a storage tier for users so that they can best choose what suits their backup needs.


In cloud storage, you have the ability to automate a ton of the process. Services such a Carbonite for example have a very advanced scheduling system for backups, even the ability to back up the same file multiple times in different states. For example if you were to edit a word document and type another 3,000 words then it would save each iteration of the save.

Physical Drives

Last but not least & maybe the most obvious. The elimination of physical hardware frees up space and worry at home and in the offices. Rather than a stack of external drives or servers you can replace that with a cloud storage subscription.

In Conclusion

Whichever service you go with, all comes down to you. However you are bound to find a useful case for trying one out whether you are an everyday user who is trying to protect and backup all those precious memories and data, or a full scale business looking to protect you and your employees data. There is an ongoing list of benefits and reasons for you to find and sign up to one today.



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