What is the difference between iOS backup and syncing?

Many people still wondering what is the difference between sync and backup in iOS devices and iTunes. It is easy to think that it is the same thing, but in order to help you  to understand what is the difference between them we will briefly explain the difference between syncing or backing up your iOS device with iTunes on Mac. The explanation is very simple and you will find it below.

What does syncing mean?

Two or more platforms or devices such as Mac, iCloud, iPhone, contain the same up to date content including contacts, messages and bookmarks. Syncing is a process of 2 way transferring data. It is possible to sync your iPad or iPhone with iTunes on your computer using USB cable or WiFi. The syncing process ensures that data or content is the same on iOS devices and your computer. It is possible to sync books, music, bookmarks and more.
Syncing data allows you to access the same information across all your devices, while backing it up is what protects that data and allows you  to recover it in case of loss or deletion.

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