AVG’s CloudCare platform – Online backup option

AVG is mainly recognized for offering security solutions for desktop and mobile platforms. However, they also have a cloud security platform that is suitable for service providers, as well as small businesses. This platform is called CloudCare and it works as a centralized solution for IT companies that require remote management for their IT services and security. CloudCare aims to provide full protection for businesses and it supports multiple clients and it gives you flexibility to manage accounts from anywhere and at any time.

CloudCare is specially designed to support companies that need to manage the IT infrastructure of multiple businesses or service providers that support multiple clients. At the start, CloudCare focused on providing the possibility to remotely review and manage security threats on a customer’s end. The platform has evolved over time and a few years ago, AVG updated its CloudCare solution to include support for online backups. When it was launched, the online backup feature marked an important moment for AVG since it was a step towards the online backup industry. However, unlike other backup solutions, AVG’s CloudCare is mainly aimed at business users.

Online backup for small and medium scale businesses

With the introduction of online backup support, AVG has enabled businesses to protect data and avoid losing it. It is possible to schedule regular backups to the cloud that are performed automatically. Users will be able to restore a single file or a complete directory easily in case the client’s data is lost or damaged. Businesses can also enjoy enhanced protection and strong encryption to keep the data secure. The data is protected while it is in the computer, when it is transferred and when it is stored in AVG servers. If preferred, it is possible to store the data locally and you can still manage your backups remotely.

Another option that deserves to be highlighted is the Integrated ShadowProtect Bare Metal Backup, a feature that prevents data corruption when working with email servers or databases. In addition, the AVG Antivirus scans all the files and folders prior to creating the backup, which will help you to ensure that the data is not affected by security threats. AVG offers great flexibility and it gives users the option to try the service for free for 14 days. This will give you enough time to decide if CloudCare is the right option for your needs.

If you decide to continue using the service, you will be charged in 25GB increments for each client that you manage. AVG doesn’t impose limits on the amount of devices that can be used per customer. Another advantage of choosing CloudCare is that unlike some competitors, it won’t charge you extra for backing up SQL servers or Microsoft Exchange. With the release of the online backup for CloudCare, AVG shows that it delivers a comprehensive solution in terms of security and prevention of data loss. Combining data security and online backup allows AVG CloudCare to be an effective choice for companies that require secure and reliable data management.

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