Bakop Review

Backing up is crucial to prevent loss of data and there are many options available that allow you to keep your data protected offsite. Bakop, a service by New Zealander company Rimu, is one of them. This FTP-based backup solution is suitable for individual users, as well as companies and it provides practical features and ease of use. Thanks to the simplicity that the service offers, you will be able to manage a large amount of data remotely. You can store your backups on Bakop’s servers, protect your personal and work files, or back up your web server offsite. Bakop offers free and premium services, covering a variety of options to suit different needs.


Bakop gives users flexibility to choose a solution that suits their specific needs. The service aims to provide secure and effective backup and it is ideal for backing up your servers remotely. You can use standard protocols to backup your data including FTP, rsync and scp. Thanks to the use of these protocols, Bakop works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Since it is possible to automate with SSH keys, you won’t need to enter a password manually. Bakop supports SSH sessions and a variety of commands for file management including sha1sum, rsync, echo, du, mv and chmod.

Since Bakop is set to make things easy for customers, everything about the service is made with simplicity. The website is appealing, easy to navigate and it offers details about the most relevant aspects of the service such as pricing and functionality. Some terms used may be unfamiliar for beginners, but the website doesn’t overwhelm customers with information. You can register for a plan in only a few steps and the interface of Bakop is user-friendly. The team behind Bakop has an extensive experience in data management services.

To enhance the security and availability of your data, they have servers in different locations including New Zealand, Australia, US and Germany. It is possible to select the backup location and you can protect your backups with a password to keep your data safe. You can set up the FTP username and password easily from a webpage designed for this purpose. Bakop also offers multiple FTP client support from one account and the service promises 99.9% uptime. Bakop allows you to backup your data in multiple locations to minimize the risk of loss or physical damage to the data. It also offers high security for data transfers through FTP ports.


One of the most important aspects of any service that relates to data storage or management is security. Keeping your data safe doesn’t only mean that it should be protected against loss or damage. It is crucial that it can’t be intercepted or stolen by other parties. This is particularly important when it comes to your company data because if it is compromised, it could have devastating consequences for your business. Apart from being committed to help you to make sure that your data can recovered at any stage, Bakop applies strong security measures to keep your files protected from any threats.

Bakop has top quality data centers and the servers are in different locations that are protected with a high level of security. The fact that a variety of geographical locations are used, improves the accessibility of your data. They don’t rely on a single location so the risk of losing your files is significantly reduced. Bakop has also implemented IPS, IDS, firewall systems and other strong security measures. Your data is also protected from viruses and malware, using professional security tools. As previously mentioned, to transfer data, Bakop supports secure transmission protocols like rsync and FTP. You files are protected during transfer and also at rest.


Bakop offers a free plan that comes with some limitations. It only offers 500MB of storage space and it only supports one user. You only get up to 1GB transfer to and from server per month. In order to get all the benefits that Bakop offers, you will need to upgrade to the Pro plan. It costs $4.99 USD per month, supports up to 3 FTP users and provides up to 10GB of storage, with up to 5GB data transfer from and to server. You can get more options for an additional cost. For instance, each additional FTP user costs $0.50. You can increase the storage space for $2 more per month per GB, to up to 20GB. Each additional GB between 20GB and 40GB will cost $0.50. Unfortunately, Bakop is not the most affordable option, specially if you need to add additional options. It should also be noted that refunds are only issued at Bakop’s discretion.


Bakop is a simple FTP backup solution that offers features that could suit home users, as well as businesses. Your files are password protected and the transfer is performed using secure protocols, ensuring that your data remains safe at all stages. Although the website doesn’t provide a great deal of information, customers can reach out to the support team via ticket system. The control panel is easy to use and provides access to the features supported by the service. Overall, the service has useful functionality and its simplicity will suit beginners. However, the price can be high for those who need to back up a large amount of data.

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