Best alternatives to Dropbox

Many people rely on Dropbox to safeguard their data as this cloud storage provider is known for offering a service that is easy to use. Dropbox comes with convenient features and it would suit most users’ requirements. However, there are some downsides that should be considered and that could affect your experience with Dropbox. One of the main issues with Dropbox is that it doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption, meaning that your files are at risk of being intercepted by third parties. In addition, Dropbox only offers up to 2GB of free cloud storage. If you are looking for a solution that is simple, but that provides stronger security, there are some alternatives that are worth considering. In this list, you will find the most convenient cloud storage options that can replace Dropbox.


Tresorit is so convinced of the high security of its service that it has offered a $50,000 bounty for any person what can prove them wrong. Nobody has been able to breach the security of the service and Tresorit is still one of the most secure cloud storage solutions available. If keeping your files protected from eavesdroppers, hackers and other threats is a major concern for you, Tresorit may be the best option. Tresorit stands apart from Dropbox and other similar services because it applies end-to-end encryption using cryptographic key sharing technologies, meaning that your data is encrypted from the moment you upload it. Others can only see the files that you share with them, when you provide a password.


The free version of Mega gives you up to 50GB of free storage, which is a generous offer that surpasses Dropbox’s 2GB. Mega is also a great solution thanks to its end-to-end encryption and like other services, it offers cross-platform support that lets you access your data from any device. It is possible to share folders and collaborate with others if needed. Mega also comes with a free chat that comes very handy when you are collaborating on a project. The browser extensions are also very practical and the performance of the service will also impress you.


pCloud is becoming more and more popular and it is easy to understand why. This provider delivers a service that is secure, flexible and that comes with a great variety of features. You can select the plan that better suits your specific requirements in terms of cloud storage size and features. The company is based in Switzerland and it has a strong commitment to privacy. Like Tresorit, pCloud is so confident about its service, that it has offered a bounty of $100,000 for any person who can breach the security of the system. With pCloud, you don’t need to use a different folder on your device, as it can sync all the data on your device. The tool works in the background, syncing all the data to which you have given it access to.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent solution for users who are focused on finding a cloud storage service to handle their personal data. It is very similar to Dropbox in terms of functionality and performance, meaning that it is easy to configure and to use. What gives an advantage to Google Drive over Dropbox is the fact that its free version gives you up to 15GB of free cloud storage space. Although this amount of storage is shared across Gmail, Photos and other Google services, it is still a better option if you want free cloud storage. In addition, Google Drive offers better pricing and it allows you to enhance your productivity with efficient solutions such as Hangouts, Google Docs, Slides and more. offers a good combination of ease of use and security. While it doesn’t offer a level of protection as high as what you get from Tresorit, is more simple and it supports great collaboration features. There are apps available for major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. keeps your files secure using zero-knowledge authentication and it facilitates collaboration, enabling you to grant different levels of permission. You can allow other users to edit files, or you can select the settings to ensure that they can only view the data. offers fast syncing and the free version lets you use up to 5 GB of storage. If you want a service that is user-friendly but that keeps your files protected, and you also want good collaboration capabilities, is the right choice.


Microsoft’s cloud storage solution is one of the most popular alternatives to Dropbox. You can get enjoy the same functionality and compatibility across multiple platforms. OneDrive also offers fast syncing and its free version gives you up to 5GB of online storage. The pricing plans are flexible and you can select an option that suits your requirements. One of the best things about OneDrive is that when you get a premium plan, you can use the entire Office suite without having to pay an additional fee. If you use Word, Excel and other Microsoft products on a daily basis, this is a great deal and you can rely on the great support that OneDrive offers for Office. OneDrive also gives you the chance to create lists and manage your notes seamlessly with the help of OneNote.


You will find many similarities between Box and Dropbox, but what sets Box apart from its competitor is that it focuses on catering for business needs. After creating an account, it is possible to access Box from the apps supported or via the website. The service works for all major platforms including Linux and any folder that you add to the Box folder will be automatically synced. Box is ideal for business use because it supports advanced collaboration features and it combines third-party apps seamlessly. It provides support for Office suite so you can edit documents online without having to download them. A team can work on a document on a real time basis and there is also chat support available so you can catch up with other members while working on a project.

SpiderOak One

Security is a priority for SpiderOak One, which makes it another excellent option for people who are not happy with what Dropbox offers in this area. Apart from being a zero-knowledge solution and supporting end-to-end encryption, SpiderOak One gives you greater control over your settings so you can customize the service to suit your specific needs. Although beginners may find SpiderOak a little more complicated, the service works well overall and it has maintained a good record in terms of security. While SpiderOak One may take longer when it comes to syncing and it is more expensive than other options available, it is worth considering thanks to its security.

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