Best Cloud Storage Apps for Musicians

Computers have become more advanced and the digital revolution has extended to many fields. These days, it is difficult to find an area in which a computer, or some electronic device is not used in order to carry out tasks that never required this kind of technology. Artists have found ways to incorporate technology into their work, without losing the essence of their talent. Musicians in particular have been able to benefit from technology as they can create ans store thousands of tracks in their devices. Music videos, live recordings and other files are crucial for those working in the music industry and there are many practical ways in which data can be carried anywhere they need it.

Many musicians use their mobile devices to take their audio and music files with them. However, it is not advisable to rely only on your smartphone, tablet or even computer to save your recordings. Keep in mind that if your device is lost, stolen or damaged, your work would also be gone. In order to avoid losing your data, using cloud storage is the best solution. Here you will find a selection of cloud storage apps that are ideal for keeping your music files secure, even if your device is broken or lost.


SugarSync is not focused on providing a storage solution for musicians but it enjoys a strong popularity in this area. The simplicity and effectiveness of its service has earned it a leading place in the industry. Your data is automatically backed up and you can easily share your files and even collaborate offline if all users are synced to the cloud. SugarSync is designed to make things simple and in order to back up a folder, you just need to right click on it and it will be added to SugarSync. You can access your folders from any device, meaning that you can continue editing your work whenever needed. Mac OSX, Android, PC and iOS are supported. There are different plans available, starting with the Individual option for $7.49 per month.

DJ Backup

With DJ Backup, you can backup your entire music collection, your own samples and more. All your music files are automatically synced and you don’t need to wait for scheduled backups. Your data can be accessed from anywhere you need it and at any time and thanks to the military grade security, you can trust that your files will be protected. DJ Backup also allows you to share your music and to collaborate with other musicians. You can access your files from your web portal on your computer, smartphone or tablet and the upload/download speeds are quite good. DJ Backup offers a free trial for 14 days and then you would need to pay a yearly subscription for £29.99 or £59.99, depending on the storage capacity. It supports multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.


Gobbler stands out for offering a collaborative platform through their Workspace feature, which allows you to upload files and invite others to join. You can set up a Workspace to take part on a project, with the advantage that all file types are supported and the storage capacity is not limited. This opens a world of possibilities for musicians all over the world. Gobbler applies top grade encryption to protect your data and stores it securely. The fact that it supports practically every audio workstation is another important advantage.

In the Gobbler Marketplace you can buy subscriptions to the bets quality plug-ins available. The low cost of the subscriptions make professional tools affordable. Since Gobbler automatically syncs data and keeps incremental project versions in the cloud, you won’t need to worry about losing your files. Gobbler supports advanced tools for musicians and you can create an account for free.


SoundCloud is a leading cloud storage solution for musician and it is trusted by users across the world. It offers up to three hours of storage without cost, which makes it very appealing for musicians who are just getting started. The “Share” feature is perfect to reach a bigger audience as it enables you to showcase your work with others through social media. The free option supports a good variety of useful functions, but in order to get the most out of SoundCloud, it would be advisable to upgrade to a Premium account.

One of the advantages of a Premium account is that it includes an analytics service that lets you know how many people have listened to your tracks and where in the world are your listeners located in. Apart from giving you the possibility of uploading and sharing your music, SoundCloud allows you to discover music from new and even recognized artists. SoundCloud is available for iOS and Android.

While there are more online backup options that are suitable for musicians, the apps listed are some of the most reliable ones. They are perfect for professional musicians and for those who are just starting their career. Security is one of the common features of these solutions and they also give you the possibility of sharing your work with others. The collaborative functionality enables musicians to work with other artists, even if they are not in the same location. These services provide the opportunity to keep your work safe and accessible when needed.

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