Cool things that you can do with cloud storage

Cloud storage is a convenient solution that does more than just offering you the chance to backup your data without using up the storage space on your devices. Affordable cloud storage solution allows you to enjoy a wide range of applications that make life simple in many ways. We’ll go through some practical and amazing things that you can do with cloud storage.

Manage documents with Google Drive

This is a practical solution that allows you to manage large scale projects distributed across multiple teams. It is possible to organize folders and spreadsheets and give access to other users, ensuring that they get access to updates as they are applied.

Save your passwords in the cloud

Security is crucial for internet users and we should all take steps to protect our data and make our daily tasks safer. Many people think that using the same password for all their online services is practical, but this is not advisable as it makes your accounts more vulnerable to attacks. If someone manages to find out the password, they can access all your online data. To prevent this, the best option is to use different passwords for your accounts. You can easily keep track of them using a password management program. These programs create unique passwords and store them in a single place. You will only have to remember one master password that allows you to access all the others. One of the best options is 1Password, which can be used in combination with Dropbox to sync passwords across multiple devices.

Share your Photos in the Cloud

Digital cameras and smartphones enable us to take photos easily, no matter where we are. Thanks to cloud services, we can share our collection of captured images with friends and family in an easy way. One of the best services to share photos is SugarSync because it lets you sync your files across multiple devices and it also lets you create photo albums that can be shared with anyone you want.

Share your music using iTunes

iTunes is still a popular solution to access and manage music, no matter where you are. It is possible to enable Home Sharing or Music Sharing to set up an iTunes library in your network. It is possible to use a NAS to get access to your iTunes library and create your own media server.

Manage your cloud storage service in a single place

Having multiple cloud storage accounts can be very practical, particularly if you use free services because you can accumulate more storage space without paying an additional free. It also gives you more flexibility in terms of features and functionality. Managing all your cloud accounts in a single place will make things easier because you won’t need to access them separately. With solutions like Cloudz, you will be able to bring all your cloud services together and manage them from a single interface.

Keep good ideas

Inspiration can appear when you least expect it and sometimes you can’t take note of a great idea and may end up forgetting about it. With Evernote, you are able to save good ideas, take note of reminders and more. You can store text notes, as well as audio, images, videos, files and more. It is an easy and convenient way of taking note of the information that matters and any thoughts that you need for future reference. It syncs across multiple devices so you can access your notes whenever needed.

Manage To-Do Lists

To-do lists allow you to organize your daily activities in an easy way, but in order to ensure that you really follow them, it is important to manage them effectively. There are different ways to organize your to-do lists via the cloud. You can find tools that only work in the cloud as a web app, while others can be downloaded and synced to your lists via Dropbox and other services. These apps let you organize your day and many support syncing abilities.

Use ownCloud to set up a private cloud

Setting up your own cloud storage and syncing solution can be the best alternative for those who don’t want to use an external service provider to have greater control over the security of their data. You can consider ownCloud, an open-source file sync and sharing application that lets you manage the way in which files are stored, and who can access them. Keep in mind that the configuration requires some technical skills, so if you prefer to keep things simple, it may be better to stick to a commercial service.

Host a blog using Dropbox as a web server

The popularity of Dropbox is justified by its ease of use and versatility. With the help of third-party apps, you can get more out of this cloud service. For instance, you can use Dropbox as a private web host using Droppages and similar apps.

Use Mind Maps in an innovative way

You can take advantage of mind maps and use them in a creative and practical way with the help of Mindmeister. It is possible to access maps from any device and you can use it to organize your daily tasks and projects. Collaboration features are supported so it can be a practical tool to increase productivity.

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