How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

Small businesses can highly benefit from cloud storage services in a variety of ways. From protecting their data to increased overall productivity. Here’s a look at some of the ways your small business can take advantage of cloud storage and backup solutions.

1) Coordination

A big part of cloud storage solutions within businesses is the ability to coordinate among your employees. You can easily share and collaborate on office files by simply uploading it to the cloud service, by giving your employers a central access point you can make coordinating among teams and departments incredibly easy. Organizing documents and keeping past versions of documents for security is also a plus. You never have to worry about loosing data that is vital to your daily projects and tasks.

2) Data Loss Protection

A big advantage of cloud services is their security aspect. By storing your files off site it creates a redundancy measure for the files, this means that by storing your files in the cloud you have created a fail-safe for all eventualities regardless of whether it’s your own companies or client’s data. Hardware can fail and or be stolen and damaged, with cloud backup you can easily secure an protect your small businesses data from a variety of disaster scenarios.

2) Encryption

Many cloud storage providers offer standard and superior encryption protocols to ensure that your data cannot be seen or stolen by unauthorized parties. Although corporate spying is more of an issue for large companies, small businesses should never ignore network and data security. They remain a target to cybercriminals for being easy to hack, and still containing valuable customer data that could be sold for profit. In all cases, it is always better to keep your sensitive data fully encrypted both during storage and transfers. Choosing a secure and fully encrypted cloud storage service is always a wise choise for any business.

4) Costs

Another benefit of cloud storage for small businesses is the cost factor; by using off-site storage you will save on hardware costs, from servers to external drives. In a business you may need to hire IT staff and people to maintain servers however with a cloud storage service it’s all taken care of for you, reducing in house maintenance costs for daily or weekly backups.

5) Effective Data Usage

One major concern when it comes to physical hardware is the need to prioritize data and effectively allocate it. Once hardware is full you have to either replace/swap certain parts in and out, with most cloud services geared for business users, unlimited storage options are offered allowing you to effectively use data. Not having to worry about constantly swapping hardware makes it much easier to allocate your businesses data.

6) Automated Backups

Automated backups are also a major convenience with cloud storage. Businesses can have employee files whether its photos, videos, and documents backed up automatically, scheduled backups are also a feature in many cloud storage services. This allows you to set weekly, monthly, and/or daily backups easily, this saves small businesses time and hassle. This also allows your business to not have to worry about manual backups with the software as it is already taken care of.

7) Business Focus

Probably one overlooked aspect for businesses when using cloud based storage is the fact that it simply allows you to focus on the things that matter. When you’re not worrying about the data of your company and its security you can focus on the tasks at hand knowing everything is taken care of, this saves you overall in costs, time etc.

Overall small businesses can really utilize cloud storage services in numerous different ways. From saving on costs, easy access to your your data, collaboration with files and much more. Whether you’re a small team or a bigger based corporation every business can take advantage of the cloud storage service business plans; having your data securely stored, protected, and restorable at the click of a button. This eliminates any worry and allows you and your employers to focus on the work that matters most.

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