How to Backup Your Outlook Emails

No matter how old your computer is, or how careful you are, risks like malfunction, accidental deletion and system failure are always lurking. To avoid losing your data, it is important that you take the necessary measures to protect it. Backing up your files is essential and if you need to keep emails, there are options that will allow you to protect all your messages sent and received, as well as notes, tasks and more. Here we will take a look at the process so that you can keep it in mind and back up your data to ensure that you don’t lose valuable information, even if your computer fails.

Back up Outlook emails manually

  1. Manual back ups are simple and once you get familiar with the process, you will be able to complete backups within a few minutes. In order to complete manual back ups, the first thing that you need to do is to open the Outlook program and select the file from the drop down menu that appears at the top of the screen. The next step is to click the Import and Export button. Then, click the Outlook button and select Export to a File and then click Next to continue.
  2. You can select how you want to save your Outlook emails. It is possible to save them as a Personal Folder File or .pst. Then, simply click Next.
  3. Now you will be able to select the folder that you want to backup from your Outlook account. The first thing is to select the main folder for backup and after that you can select the option to Include Subfolders. It is also possible to add personal folders and others that you have set up. All email and Outlook files that you have selected will be backed up.
  4. You will need to look for a location to save your .pst file with the Outlook emails. It is also possible to choose the name you prefer for the folder and you can also choose the specific drives. You can opt for a Flash Drive or External hard Drive to save to an additional location to make sure that you have access to them on the computer you are using.
  5. To make things simple, you can opt for replacing duplicate items and overwrite backups every day.

How to back up your .pst file in the cloud

You can also rely on cloud storage service to keep your Outlook emails. It is a practical solution because it allows you to save all your Outlook data and you can then access it from anywhere. Cloud storage offers a good level of security and it also lets you share data with others in a few, simple steps. In order to protect your Outlook emails with the help of cloud storage, you can save your .pst file to your desktop, or to the folder of your choice. Once the data is saved and you have a cloud storage account, you will be able to save your Outlook emails there. You will find a good variety of options, including SugarSync, CrashPlan and Backblaze.

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