How to use Online Storage to Free Up Some Space on your Local Hard Drive

In order to take full advantage of the space available on your system, it is important to manage it in an effective manner. Online storage is a convenient solution to make things a bit easier on your hard drive and avoid running out of space to save new data. Photos, videos, spreadsheets and other files can quickly fill up your hard drive but luckily, you can free up space with the help of a cloud storage solution. Another advantage of cloud or online storage services is that they allow you to store your data securely, avoiding the risk of losing it if something happens to your computer. If you are looking for an affordable and effective solution, there is a good selection of services available including Dropbox, Google Drive and SugarSync. Before opting for an online storage provider, there are different aspects to consider including the amount of storage required, the features that you need to use and your budget.

Steps to start using a cloud services

Once you have selected the cloud storage provider that you are going to use, you just need to create an account and follow the steps to set up the service. Most providers offer easy set up processes and easy to use interfaces to make sure that their customers don’t experience any issues with the service. Usually, after you sign up for a cloud storage service, you receive a confirmation email to activate your account. There may be different account types available so make sure that you select the option that better suits your needs.

Many cloud storage services offer a drag and drop method that lets you select the file that you want to save to the cloud and drag it to an area or move it to a folder that is created once you start using the cloud service. This means that once you access your cloud storage account, you will be able to transfer a file from your desktop to the cloud storage service by selecting that file and moving it to the folder or cloud area in your account. This should upload the file automatically to the cloud storage provider’s servers, keeping it stored in the cloud. Then, you should be able to access your data from anywhere using the apps or web interface offered by your provider.

When a file is securely stored in the cloud, you will be able to delete it from your desktop to clear up some space. The more files you move from your computer to the cloud, the more available space in your hard drive. This will not only allow you to create and save new content on your computer but it can also improve its performance. You can work on new documents, add new photos taken with your webcam or save important spreadsheets. As mentioned before, the files that you keep in the cloud are secure and can be accessed whenever needed. This makes cloud storage a great solution to avoid loss of data because even if your computer crashes, if you have stored your important documents online, you will be able to recover them.

Conclusion – The benefits of cloud storage

Cloud storage has become the favorite choice for millions of users since it is a practical solution that offers a great selection of features for personal and business requirements. It is a safe and easy way to store your data and it ensures that you can recover it in case disaster strikes. Your computer can fail or get stolen and if you haven’t stored your data anywhere else, your files will be gone. Losing data can have devastating consequences for businesses and it can also be a nightmare for individual users.

If you use online storage to save your files, you will be able to access and recover them from any device. Nowadays, there is a great variety of cloud storage solutions available so you will be able to find an option that is right for your needs. Cloud storage services allow you to ensure that your hard drive is not overcrowded and will protect you from the frustration of losing your files.

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