Lenovo looking at enterprise cloud server market

The cloud has come in and transformed servers and data centers across the globe, both on and off premise, which has led to the various companies to get vendors so that they can customize their specific cloud based workloads.

Various companies want a chance with that market and one of them is Lenovo. The company is looking to get a bigger chunk of the market and is now working towards offering their custom built servers which will be doing some specific tasks. The company is now looking at the opportunity to introduce some custom hardware for the large scale customers.

Big companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon already have their own data centers and have designed their own data centers. The servers for these companies have the ability to handle some heavy workloads and those that are specific to the company’s requirements themselves.

Such requests include recognizing people and also uploading images. Some of the converged servers are tightly integrated, and have their software stacks tuned to the hardware at the data centers. Some other companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Technologies already have server buildings being built for their applications which include Oracle and SAP HANA.

The companies have been going through some heavy changes in the time leading to their building of their data centers. In particular, HPE has been releasing some of the software unit, and the Dell Technologies actually integrated another unit from the EMC.

Through all this upheaval, Lenovo, might see an opportunity and look to capitalize as their rivals get to adapt and adjust to the internal changes. The CTO and head strategy of the Lenovo’s Data Center Group, Peter Hortensius, said that the company did not much of converged opportunities but they were working highly towards that.

The company’s data centers will be based on the standard industry x86 chips, and their server parts. The company will also include the server requirements for their customers and the economics of the building server challenges.

The x86 server business from IBM was bought by Lenovo back in 2014, and the tech company decided to restructure the division earlier this year. The move meant Hortensius was put in charge of the developing future technologies.

The company started with offering their services to small and medium sized enterprises, and now the company has been looking at incorporating large enterprises. The server shipments of the company which totaled 235,260 units in the second quarter, a 5.9 percent rise compared to the same quarter a year ago. It’s the largest server vendor behind Dell and HPE.

Lenovo has had most of its market in the China, primarily because the company is a local vendor. Chinese companies tend to like more of their local computer brands, because the service is cheap and also for patriotic and nationalist reasons. The company also have competition from companies like Inspur, Supermicro, and Tyan, which have been growing quickly. Lenovo however has more resources and access than their national counterparts, which might serve them in good stead.

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