Sources believe Google is primed to win battle for Paypal in cloud industry

Google has been aggressively pushing forward its business into the cloud computing industry. The field, which at the moment is clearly boasted by the two leaders, Microsoft and Amazon, has proved to be a big challenge for the search giant. However, news that they might be poised to get Paypal as a client will be a huge boost to the company and its attempts to make strides in the field.

Google is seen as the frontrunner in the bid to get Paypal onto the cloud platform, but sources which are close to the matter said that Paypal was also looking at other partners. Paypal is still evaluating the situation and it is unlikely to make a decision on its platform during the final quarter of the year, the period which is considered to be the peak period for e-commerce. The sources who gave the information asked not to be named because they claimed the talks between Paypal and the cloud services were still ongoing and confidential.

Google’s cloud division is being led by the VMware cofounder, Diane Greene, and the department is aiming to prove itself as a force to be reckoned with in the cloud infrastructure market.

The industry is being dominated by the Amazon Web Services at the moment, thanks to its drive of opening up several data centers across the world, and also implementing new software tools that then allow large corporations and organizations to offload their data, computing and storage needs with relative ease and security.

Greene has been on an aggressive drive to get in front of its rivals, and the company has also been using the price in an aggressive approach. It’s been using the price aspect to lure some of the big organizations to sign deals with them.

The company has close to $80 billion in its war chest. It is also backed by a $10 billion annual capital expenditure budget by its parent company, Alphabet, which is also the second most valuable company in the world. Clearly Google has the financial muscle to fight wit anyone in the cloud division.

Representatives from Paypal and Google declined to comment and spokespersons for Amazon and Microsoft also refused to comment.

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