Salesforce is planning to launch Dreamforce after getting yet another new company

Salesforce did its Dreamforce event, and hours before the event started, they had announced that they had reached an agreement which was made to acquire the cloud based data management platform, Krux. The event was expected to draw about 171,000 attendees for 2016, was expected to feature some of the several enhancements which were made to the company’s partner program together with some new tools which are meant for cloud services.

Tyler Prince, the EVP Alliances and Go-to-Market Innovation, for Salesforce said that the Salesforce born in the cloud partner ecosystem which is rapidly growing and changing. The partner types have been shaping up together, some new app categories such as the Lightning components have been emerging, and the partners and now increasingly leading the digital transformation initiatives with the various customers.

However, the acquisition of the Krux Company is what is going to be mostly talked about at the event. The company itself sells some marketing data tools, and it has always been in some way aligned with the Salesforce team as part of partner ecosystem. The deal is said to be worth about $700 million and goes a long way in helping to make the integration even deeper.

Writing on their company blog, the firm noted that Krux was going to extend the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s audience segmentation and the targeting capabilities which would be used to power the consumer marketing and with so much precision. Krux is also going to feed the Salesforce Einstein with various billions of new signals and also go a long way to enable some companies to be much smarter about their customers’ experience.

Salesforce has been a lot lately, as this summer saw them take up BeyondCore, a business analytics platform, the e-commerce platform, Demandware and the productivity company, Quip. The company was also at a time to be looking into acquiring LinkedIn, and that was before Microsoft bought up the social media network. Lately, Salesforce has also been said to be considering buying Twitter as well.

The company has also been looking at using the Dreamforce event as one opportunity to promote the AppExchange platform, which is one of the app store’s where the partners can be used to sell their own apps. The company has also been pushing the Lightning tool, allowing the users to be able to build apps without any code and Lightning Bolt, another program which can use the launch communities, the portals and the customer facing websites which would integrate Salesforce.

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