Why is Synology Cloud Station worth considering?

If you deal a large amount of files and need to share it with other users across your local network, and even access it when you are on the go, it is important to have a versatile solution to manage all your data. In order to be able to store, sync and backup data across multiple devices, NAS is the best option and Synology offers DiskStations that support your data management needs. You can use multiple DiskStation at work and use some of them for backup and some for syncing data. Synology offers solutions that are specially designed for NAS storage systems.

You can have a bay with multiple slots to make sure that there is as much space as needed for redundant backups and that even if a hard drive fails, it can be replaced without issues. Synology DiskStation supports automatic Hybrid RAID which ensures that even if one hard drive fails, there won’t be loss of data. This automatic solution makes things more convenient for users as they won’t need to spend time on the setup. In addition, the Hybrid RAID solution uses the hard drives efficiently and takes full advantage of their capacity to provide optimal performance.

Advantages and downsides of Cloud Station

With Cloud Station, you can get access to NAS without hassle as it is designed to provide simplicity. Even if you don’t have strong technical knowledge, you will be able to access and manage Cloud Station. It works in a similar way to popular and easy to use solutions such as Dropbox. To get started, you just need to install Cloud Station from the Packages manager so that it can be activated on your Synology DiskStation. Once Cloud Station is active, you will be able to add users, adjust settings and manage privileges.

One of the best things about having a private cloud system is that you can keep sensitive data protected. Since the cloud solution is private, your information won’t be shared with a cloud storage provider. This is crucial when you are handled confidential company data that is vital for running your daily operations. Unfortunately, widely known solutions like Dropbox are known for their vulnerabilities. If you are concerned about the security of your information, encrypting it and keeping it in your network would be the best choice. You will be in control of your data and will handle its encryption. You also have the possibility of managing access to the information. In addition, a private cloud solution can be less expensive for teams.

Although the benefits are greater than the downsides, there are some negative aspects of using a private cloud solution that should be considered. The fact that you need to take care of everything can make things more complicated. You will need to manage settings and fix issues on your own since there won’t be support from a cloud storage provider. If you opt for a private cloud storage solution, you need to have the technical knowledge to manage configurations and to handle backups on your own.


Synology DiskStations with Cloud Station provide a convenient solution for teams that need to grant access and manage permissions to handle their data. You can easily add users, remove them and edit rights as needed. Synology’s DiskStation gives you control over who can access your network and it also facilitates file sharing. It is a convenient solution to share data and to collaborate. It supports file synchronization and helps you and your team to work on projects effectively.

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