Xbox One vs PS4 – Finding out who has the best cloud

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are leading consoles in the gaming industry and they both strive to offer advanced online features. Microsoft focuses on the Azure and OneDrive integration supported by Xbox One and with the PS4, Sony aims to bring game streaming to the next level. Deciding what is the best console can be challenging and in the end, the choice will depend on your personal preferences. That being said, it is possible to find a winner if we only look at a particular aspect of the service. In this case, we will focus on the cloud technology that they support to see which console gets ahead in this category.

Microsoft Xbox One

Cloud technology is a strong point for Microsoft and it takes advantage of Azure and OneDrive to improve the functionality of the Xbox One. With the help of Azure’s servers, Microsoft wants to improve the performance of the Xbox One and it has already carried out tests to expand the capability of the console. There is a standalone OneDrive application available on Microsoft’s consoles and it includes 15 GB of free space and support on all Microsoft devices and compatible computers and smartphones. Xbox One players can download their media files to their console and they can also access screenshots and gameplay footage, as well as saving files from their phones, computers and tablets. The Xbox One takes the lead when it comes to cloud storage space, integration, support and ease of use. Microsoft offers more options and it is working to implement further cloud features and it is making the most out of Azure.

Sony PlayStation 4

In the past, Sony didn’t have a solid cloud based system and it didn’t even have real high-speed streaming capacity, until it acquired Gaikai. Things have changed and nowadays, there are multiple options supported in their platform, including the possibility of uploading clips to YouTube and social media sites. Clips and screenshots can be stores to the 500 GB HDD. At the moment, the only content that is being streamed, stored and uploaded is game related media. However, this may change in the future.

Gaikai only streams content straight to a PlayStation 4 and it doesn’t really save any content in the cloud that could facilitate sharing or storage. This means that the PS4 doesn’t have cloud storage capabilities, at least in the traditional way.If you are a PS+ member, you get 1 GB of cloud storage that can be used to upload files, but no other functionality is supported and there are no dedicated cloud storage apps available in the system. The gaming console can stream content, but it can’t store it. This is why Microsoft’s’ Xbox One has the advantage when it comes to cloud capabilities.


If you are looking for the best option for traditional cloud storage, with the best technology, the Xbox One is the clear winner. It is the right solution if you want a solid cloud storage platform. That being said, Sony is getting ahead when it comes to facilitating streaming on its consoles. Options like PlayStation Now, Vita cross-play and others, show that Sony is focused on offering better streaming solutions. If you just want to stream games, share videos and 1 GB is enough for you, the PS4 would be good choice.

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