Best Cloud Storage Services for Multiple Computer Access

One of the main advantages of cloud storage is that it gives you the possibility of accessing your data, no matter where you are. This technology is also very convenient for sharing files with family, friends or work colleagues. Thanks to the convenient functionality of online storage solutions, accessing files and working while you are one the go, is easier than ever. There are many providers available, which can make things confusing when you want to select the right option for your needs. If you are looking for a solution that is ideal for multi-computer access, the providers that we have included in this list would be a great choice.

Google Drive

Google’s leadership remains strong as the company covers a variety of areas and provides services that are convenient and affordable. Google Drive is one of the solutions that can help you to manage your files effectively. You can edit files within your Google Drive account without having to download the data to your device. It offers a practical solution to collaborate in projects as documents and spreadsheets can be accessed and edited by users with shared access. Files can be accessed via your mobile device using the app, or through the web version. The Android app offers additional functionality such as the option to capture paper documents and save them in PDF format. The data in the dedicated storage folder is automatically backed up online and you can store any type of file. Google Drive uses SSL to protect data during transmission.


The popularity of Dropbox is still strong and the service is known for its ease of use and practical functionality. Dropbox supports great features that will allow you to collaborate in projects and to share files without hassle. You can access data, no matter where you are and the convenient apps, folder and web browser solution allow you to manage your files easily. With Dropbox, you can also sync data between devices and save some files automatically. However, it is important to note that only the files that are in the dedicated folder will be saved to the cloud. Dropbox supports a good variety of practical features including easy sharing, offline access, preview and download options and more. It also applies military grade encryption to protect data. However, it should be noted that Dropbox is known for cooperating with the NSA, so if you want strong privacy you will need to look somewhere else.


SugarSync is true to its name as it offers an excellent syncing solution. You can access files on the go and from any device. Sending large files can be a challenge and while you can share them via email, the limitations and the time that it takes to upload them can be frustrating. Thanks to SugarSync, you will be able to share date from your account without hassle. It is possible to set permission to restrict the permissions for those who have access to the files. With SugarSync, you can save any folder on your computer, which is a feature that you won’t find with other cloud storage services. You can instantly back up photos captured with your Android or iOS device.


Box is another effective solution to access and manage your files from anywhere. Box offers a dedicated folder or app that lets you access, add and download your documents, photos and more. The data is updated automatically to make sure that you can always get access to the latest version of the files. If you only need to do some editing, you won’t need to download the documents as you can make minor changes within the web browser. To protect your data, Box uses high-grade SSL during transfer and 256-bit encryption for storage. Box offers convenient settings that will allow you to invite and share data with others. Box is also recognized for its user-friendly interface.

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