Best File Sync Services

It’s been almost a decade since Dropbox launched its file synchronization service, revolutionizing the way we manage our files. Many things have changed over the years and other options have appeared in the market, offering users a wider selection of features. A file syncing or file synchronization software keeps data across different locations updated through the cloud. When you use a cloud file syncing solution, a folder based in the cloud is set up and you can copy your files to it. The files in this folder can be accessed via a web interface from any device. When a file is edited, the changes are automatically synced with the relevant folders on other devices.

Since many people need to work on their files while they are on the go, cloud file syncing services have become very popular. Cloud file syncing works in public or private environments, as well as in hybrid ones. Thanks to cloud syncing apps, it is possible to access and keep your files up to date across all your devices. It is an ideal tool for business because it ensures that a file from your work computer can be accessed from your tablet or smartphone. Whenever you save a file on one device, it is uploaded to an online server. If there is any update on the file, it will be reflected on each device linked to the cloud service since it will be automatically downloaded from the online server.

File syncing also enables collaboration and it is a convenient tool to enhance productivity. Using your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to access the files in the cloud folder and make any necessary changes, no matter where you are. File syncing is not only practical for business purposes. You can also access personal videos and photos using this technology. There are several file syncing services available, but we have focused on the most reliable and versatile options.

Here are the best services to sync your files across your devices.


While SugarSync’s strength is syncing, it is a flexible solution that also offers backup and file sharing capabilities. It has a sleek and easy to use interface so you can easily access all the options available. SugarSync gives you the possibility of managing your data across devices in a secure and simple way. Data is transferred using TLS and protected with strong 256-bit AES encryption in the cloud. The app gives you great control over the data uploaded. You can focus on productivity while SugarSync takes care of ensuring that your files are available when you need them.


Drobox is recognized as one of the leading services in the industry thanks to its convenience and reliability. It offers practical apps and third-party integration that allows you to sync photos and documents without hassle. It is ideal for mobile users who want to automatically save the images captured using their Android phone. Dropbox saves your files, allowing you to access them from your computer or any other device. The service supports great transfer speeds, but its main downside is that it doesn’t offer a high level of security.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another popular solution and it offers up to 15GB of storage for free. Apart from offering cloud storage, the Google Drive office suite lets you edit documents and supports collaboration. It also offers cloud backup and there is a feature that when previously enabled, allows you to access files on Android, even when you are offline. You can edit a document without an internet connection and once you go online, all the changes will be synced. Security is not its strongest point, but it is also a practical option to access your files on the go.


If you want backup and sync features in one service, as well as a high level of security for your data, consider SpiderOak. They offer a zero-knowledge service that promises that only you have access to your files. Your data is also protected with a high level of encryption. The installation process is simple and the service is compatible with Linux. SpiderOak supports as many devices as needed and it also allows you to share files. Although the interface is not user-friendly as other options available, SpiderOak is a good choice if you are handling confidential data.


Previously known as SkyDrive, Microsoft’s OneDrive supports storage, syncing and sharing. OneDrive offers a user-friendly interface and it takes care of backing up and syncing your files automatically in the background, while you focus on other tasks. You will be able to access data from different devices. You can store any file type and they can be organized for easy access. The service supports multiple platforms and Office 365 subscribers have access to 1TB without additional charge.

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