Cloud giants VMWare and Amazon team up to form much needed hybrid cloud offering

Two rival cloud companies, Amazon Web Services and VMWare have announced a partnership that has long been anticipated and the two cloud giants hope that the new deal will be essential in the increasingly competitive landscape

The deal between the two tech giants is a signal of one of the most important trends of the business. More and more companies are adopting cloud systems and they are gathering more data which they want to be able to store anywhere and use in various applications.

The new partnership will see the birth of VMware Cloud on the Amazon Web Services. It is software sold and will be supported by VMware which will leverage the public cloud of Amazon. The new partnership is aiming to help the firms that already have VMware but have been planning to move their data to more of the offsite sites which are offered by Amazon.

The CEO at AWS, Andy Jassy said that the announcement of the two tech companies coming together was a real win for the customers of the companies. Customers don’t have to make those hard binary decisions anymore and they can now easily use the VMware software they are used to using on the AWS.

All this without having to buy any additional hardware, especially considering that most companies nowadays do not want to buy hardware. Jassy also said that even though VMware was offering its own cloud services, because of the non integration of the two firms before, customers always felt they had to choose. But now the customer had pushed the two companies together, the CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinger, said.

Gelsinger also added that these customers were already joint customers therefore the partnership was really good for them. The customer demand had driven both companies to make the deal, especially since almost every enterprise is now making use of the Amazon Web Services, therefore the experience will be seamless and hybrid as a result of the partnership.

Amazon is said to have a 31 percent worldwide market share in the cloud and continues to grow, as research firm Synergy notes. Business are continually looking for flexible combinations and services and data storage, which makes other companies such as Microsoft and Oracle competitors too.

Reports show that hybrid offerings such as those now being offered by VMware and Amazon will be used by 80 percent of IT organizations by 2018.

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