Cloud Security Firm, Palerra, Now Oracle Property

Oracle recently announced that they were purchasing Palerra, a Cloud Access Security Broker firm. The acquisition is for an undisclosed sum. The company which was founded back in 2013, Santa Clara, California and it works on the LORIC platform which helps customers to secure their applications, workloads and their sensitive data which would be stored across the several cloud services. It also ensures that the users would be able to meet their compliance requirements.

Palerra also speaks for itself by mentioning the platform that it provides through threat visibility and also helps to ensure the compliance of the cloud footprint. It combines the threat detection, predictive analytics, security configuration management and also the automated response.

Explaining the move, Oracle said that the partnership of their Identity Cloud Service and the CASB solution of the Palerra firm which would give the users a protection platform for them. The partnership would also be able to deliver applications and APIs, data, and their infrastructure which would be used to secure the customer adoption used in cloud.

Oracle also said that after the purchase they would review the roadmap for the Palerra firm to see if they were in line with their own guidances so that they would provide information to the customers as per the Oracle standard product communications policies. The database software giant noted that if there were to be any resulting features from the timing and release of these features, the discretion was solely that of Oracle’s.

Palerra is privately owned and is backed by some heavy financial muscle including Norwest Venture Partners, Wing Venture Capital, and the August Capital. Oracle also announced that until the transaction finalization, both companies would continue working on their own.

The acquisition just shows the move by heavy weights in the tech industry who have been trying to get their hands on the CASB tools. Just last year, Microsoft bought the firm Adallom and changed it into a Cloud App Security service which they later launched this year in April. In 2014, Skyfence was bought by Imperva, and in 2015, CirroSecure was bought by Palo Alto Networks. There are more deals for CASB firms.

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