New Amazon AWS Instances Give Boost To GPU Accelerated Cloud Computing

The use of the GPU accelerated computing has managed to increase the number of breakthroughs which are taking place in the artificial intelligence industry, and the scientific discovery and computing. And now to top it all it also has a computing pipeline to match the computing.

After working with the Amazon Web Services to create the newest, the biggest and the most powerful of the GPU-accelerated cloud services, it has finally come and it is the AWS EC2 P2 instance. Researchers and scientists can now use the instance for what they want. The instance is being powered by the NVIDIA Tesla K80 data center GPUs so that they can accelerate a whole host of compute-intensive applications.

The GPUs are being used by the cloud customers globally to tackle the explosion of data which is being generated through the transactional records, the sensor logs, images, videos and so much more every single day. The GPU-powered deep learning will now make it possible for the processes and the generation of insights to take place from this data. It will also make it able to deliver some intelligent, and personalized experiences to the customers.

For the computers to be able to understand the speech with some superhuman accuracy, they interact in the natural conversations and they will be able to perform some complex tasks as a result. They can do all this safely without any problems and also autonomously, and they need to process the immense amounts of data they get.

Through the use of the AWS EC2 P2 instances, the various businesses and researchers will now be able to use the power they get from the GPU accelerated deep learning and there will be no need to move the data in and out of cloud for no reason.

The AWS EC2 P2 instance will also allow the HPC customers who want to eliminate the long job queues and meet their computing demands with ease and some low upfront investment. For some of the HPC most demanding applications, several GPUs up to 16 can be used, and the multiple instances which have a placement group can also provide the needed computing power.

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