Degoo Review

Degoo is still relatively new in the online backup industry but it has already earned popularity thanks to its generous offer of 100 GB of free cloud storage. The service aims to take on giants like Dropbox and Google Drive, offering a service that is secure, efficient and user-friendly. We will discover if Degoo can really take the lead and become the best alternative for users who want to keep their data secure in the cloud.

Getting Started

Signing up for Degoo is simple and you can create a free account within seconds and without being asked to provide personal information. If preferred, you can sign up using your Google account. Once your account is created, you will be able to download the software to start backing up your data.Degoo supports Windows, Mac and Android. The software focuses on simplicity and it offers the basic options that you need to protect your data against accidental loss, or damage. The interface features tabs for the main functions such as backup, recovery and preferences. You can add a folder to your backup just by clicking a button or dragging and dropping to folder. By default, files are backed up every 24 hours, but you can complete the process manually whenever needed.

Once you download the Android app, you will have the option of creating a new account, or logging in using the one you have previously set up. Free accounts can backup two devices, while premium customers will be able to backup as many devices as they want. You will be required to select the folders that you want to back up. You can also choose custom folders including the ones you have on an SD card.

The app provides a convenient way to back up all the data on your phone. It is also possible to adjust the settings to select when you want to back up the data. For instance, you can select to only back up data when you have a Wi-Fi connection, or when your device is charging. If you have a lot of photos on your device, you can use the Optimize Storage option. This will back up all the photos on your phone, but their size will be reduced, which will allow you to store up to 5 times more images on your device. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view photos within the app and you will need to download them and open them using a different app.

More Features

Degoo supports NAS backup and you can add the network driver’s folder in the same way as you would any other folder. The website offers guides that will take you through the recovery process and you can select the location to save the recovered data. In Preferences, you can see the amount of space that is being used in your account. It is also possible to see the devices associated to the account and you can also unlink them. In free accounts, deleted files are kept for up to 14 days and there is a Clean Up button that gives you a simple and quick option to empty the deleted files folder. Premium accounts can keep deleted files for 60 days and they get 2000 GB backup space. One thing to note is that file versioning is not supported, so you will only be able to restore the latest uploaded version of a file.

When you are backing up and restoring data with Degoo, you will experience good speeds. In order to offer a more affordable and efficient service, Degoo uses its own compression solution that allows them to store data for less. Apart from reducing costs and being able to offer a higher amount of free storage, this new compression means that large files can be backed up faster. This is also helpful when you need to reduce bandwidth usage or have a limited data cap.


To protect your files, Degoo uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption and the transfer between you and their servers are protected with a SSL/TLS secure tunnel. The downside is that Degoo doesn’t offer a personal encryption solution and they manage the encryption keys. They use a combination of Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage to save the data and they store multiple copies of files to ensure that they are available when needed. The data centers are located in Asia and North America.


The free plan offers up to 100 GB and allows you to back up 2 devices. Your deleted files will be available for recovery for 14 days. The Premium plan gives you up to 2000 GB and you can back up an unlimited number of devices. The monthly cost starts at $9.99 and deleted files are kept for 60 days. When you sign up, you get two weeks for free to confirm that Degoo is the right solution to ensure that you can get your files back, even if they are deleted by mistake, or affected by unexpected events or system errors.


This Swedish online backup solution offers more free space than the competition, and its desktop software and Android app offer high quality and are easy to use. The upload and download speeds supported are impressive and thanks to the file compression system, you can enjoy efficient performance. While there is no file versioning supported and the option of personal encryption is not available, Degoo offers more advantages than disadvantages. It is a good option for users who have a large amount of files that they want to keep secure.


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