Generous Free Online Storage Solutions

There is an extensive list of cloud storage services available nowadays and many people have opted for using multiple free accounts simultaneously to get more space for their data, without paying for a subscription. If you are looking for high quality providers that allow you to store your files safely and for free, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of the best free online storage services that offer a generous storage capacity.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage solution and it also offers a free option. Although it is not as generous as other providers, OneDrive gives you up to 5GB of storage space through its Basic plan. In the past, customers who opted for the free plan were able to get up to 15GB of storage space, but back in July 2016, Microsoft reduced the amount to 5GB. The company removed the camera-roll bonus that allowed users to earn an additional 10GB of free OneDrive storage. However, if a friend, family member or anyone else signs up for OneDrive using your referral link, you can get additional 500MB. If you get a group of people to sign up using your link, you can get back the 10GB extra that was previously removed. One Drive offers mobile apps and web browser access. Just keep in mind that there are some restrictions in terms of the size of the files that can be uploaded.


pCloud has a free plan called Basic, which starts with 10GB of storage and 50GB download link traffic. You have the chance of earning additional storage space (up to 10GB more) by referring friends and family, or completing simple additional tasks like following tutorials. pCloud allows you to share your files and you can manage who has access to your data as well. If needed, you can restrict access to certain files. The Basic option also supports collaboration features so you can work on projects and restrict, or manage editing permissions on the files you share. Other functions available with pCloud are the ability to sync data between devices and they have convenient mobile apps, as well as desktop software and web browser access. You can share large files and your data is protected with SSL security.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers up to 15 GB of free storage. It stands out due to the fact that if you store photos that are less than 2048 x 2048, they won’t be counted towards your limit. This is convenient option if you have many small photos that you need to store safely, while clearing up space on your device. However, it is important to keep in mind that your Gmail storage is tied to the Google Drive storage quota so any emails you save will have an impact on the amount of storage you have. Google Drive allows you to share files with others, even if they don’t use Google. It is also possible to edit files in your account and if you create documents using Google Docs, they won’t be counted towards your storage capacity. One thing to note is that files have to be 5GB or less.


Mega is known for offering a generous amount of free storage. You get 50GB of free storage and can access your data from anywhere logging into your account with your password. If you are concerned about security, you’ll be glad to know that Mega is a zero-knowledge solution, meaning that your data is not accessed or stored. Only you get access to your files and your password is the only key to get to your files. Your files are encrypted during transfer and also when they are stored. Just make sure that you don’t lose your password, otherwise it will be impossible to recover it and you won’t be able to access your data. Mega also gives you the possibility of sharing your files easily, using a secure link.

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