Use Samsung Cloud Together for Managing passwords and Protecting content on Local and Online Storages

Samsung Cloud Storage allows users to manage their passwords as well as protect personal data like photos on cloud storage services like Google Drive.

People today use a multitude of cloud storage services to store their data. All these services have mobile apps which users use extensively. People use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive, to store content from their mobile device, mostly photos. However, coordinating these services and managing the data stored on them can be bothersome, which is why Samsung has come up with a unique app called Samsung Cloud Together.

Samsung Cloud Together allows you to view and handle all the photos you store on different cloud storage services in one single location. It works fine regardless of whether you have a mess of different services on your device or have a well-organized system. Samsung Cloud Together makes the job quite simple by allowing you to view it all in one place.

You can view different cloud services you use and the data stored on them on your device. You can zoom out to see multiple services on the same screen or zoom in to view the photos stored on a single cloud service. Moving images between different services is also made simple as you can simply drag and drop.

However, despite this ease of access being the main selling point of this app, the most attractive feature is the image lock feature. Samsung Cloud Together allows you to hide sensitive pictures you have on your device or cloud services from anyone and everyone. When you lock an image, you will only be able to see it from within the Samsung Cloud Together app, where it will be protected by a password. A blurred version of the image appears on the cloud storage service from where you dragged the image on to your Samsung Cloud Together app when you hide it.

Apart from this, the app also has efficient file explorer capabilities. The interface is quite neat and attractive, but better options in the form of Solid Explorer already exist in the marketplace. The dashboard, similar to Google Now, gives the user alerts regarding new uploads if he or she is short of storage space. However, those wanting to get their hands on its APK file should be wary.

Since Samsung has not made this app available worldwide, there might be a good reason behind it, so it is better for it to appear on your Galaxy App store. Also, people should not use it to store overly sensitive photos, for the app inadvertently exposes the user to the non-blurred version of the image before redrawing the UI with the blurred version. The security of its encryption is not known either, which means that only time will tell how efficient and secure this app really is.

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