Ransomware Protection Is About To Come To The Cloud Thanks To Netskope

With each passing day, a new cyber threat is invented. There is now nothing which is safe as long as it is based on the internet anymore. The cloud system, one of the most essential parts of the common internet user nowadays has also been a target for hackers especially those who use ransomware.

To address this, however, some companies are looking to do something, and the company, Netskope, has launched some capabilities which can be used to mitigate the cloud ransomware attacks.

Security firm, Netskope, has been looking at ways to reduce and decrease the risk of the cloud based ransomware, and because of that, they have released the some new options and abilities which could be used in the fight against the ransomware attacks. In the new Netskope Active Threat Protection program, the ransomware protection is definitely a capability.

The founder and CEO of Netskope, Sanjay Beri, said that the issue of understanding how the cloud applications worked and evolved was essential and was part of the work done at Netskope. Talking to reporters, he said that the company’s aim had always been to help people use the cloud and feel secure about it. And because of that, the company has been looking at helping prevent ransomware attacks for users and other entities because the attacks are propagated from the cloud, he said.

Netskope started back in 2012, with Sanjay at the helm, and he was moving with Juniper Networks before that for eight years. The drive for Beri to go forward and form the company was that he wanted to make a cloud platform that was safe and secure for people and also have good governance.

Beri said that ransomware was being used to spread malware and ransomware and because there was a large group of ungoverned cloud applications. Beri also noted because the company knows all the applications which could put them at risk.

At the moment, there are 70 different variables that Netskope can also use to track the cloud application behaviors. Beri has noted that the cloud platform is the best way to spread ransomware.

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